View From The Booth

Pete Medhurst offers his views on Navy and the rest of the college football landscape for the weekend of October 22nd.

If there was any more evidence needed about the quality of Paul Johnson as a coach and a person, one need only look at the quotes coming from last week's win over Kent State.

The Mids (3-2) -- to a man -- acknowledged they could have played better. After all, they posted 529 yards of total offense and could have easily put up a 50-spot.

Instead of doing what some coaches do and come out and rip the players, Johnson put the blame on himself.

"I obviously didn't do a very good job of getting the players ready to play,'' Johnson said. Some coaches wouldn't put on the Kevlar vest and take one for his team. Past Navy coaches in fact have blamed the players faster than Maurice Greene can run the 100-meters.

Good coaches know when to push the right buttons.  Case in point: perhaps the most important possession of the game was when Brian Hampton came in for a struggling Lamar Owens and led the Mids to a score and got rid of some negative vibe that was starting to make its way into the Navy offensive huddle.

To Owens credit, he said afterwards he wasn't as focused as he needed to be and that it was great for Brian Hampton to move the team down the field. He could have moped, but he didn't.

"I just really wanted him to settle down," Johnson said. "He was struggling, no question, and sometimes if you give a guy a break like that and they can stand on the sidelines and watch hopefully they can get their feet back under them. He was frustrated and I was frustrated with him. It was good for both of us."

Jason Tomlinson had a second-straight 100-yard receiving game, the first for the Mids since Ryan Read did it in 1998 against Colgate and Boston College.

This week, the Mids visit Rice, who hasn't won a game yet, but has played no one with a losing record. Last year, Navy edged Rice on a missed extra-point.

This weeks fact and opinion.

Fact: West Virginia had a wonderful comeback to beat Louisville on Saturday and continue atop the Big East Standings.
Opinion: Some of you sent me emails saying I was crazy. While it was a bit lucky, I TOLD YOU SO!

Fact: Rutgers is on the verge of qualifying for a bowl game for the first time since….1978 in the Garden State Bowl. They need two more wins, with games left at UCONN, NAVY, at South Florida, at Louisville, and home against Cincinnati, who just upset Connecticut.
Opinion: If you see Tony Soprano and or Paulie Walnuts around Annapolis next week, run…..

Fact: Texas Tech is ranked number 10 in the country.
Opinion: They are a huge fraud. They remind me so much of Houston from days gone by and this offense can't beat anybody of a top-ten caliber. Texas by at least two scores.

Fact: As bad as sports officiating has been of late in high profile games, the line judge in the Notre Dame-USC game got the call right on the Matt Leinhart fumble and the proper time was put back on the clock.
Opinion: USC-UCLA, I can't wait. Anyone venture a guess where Orenthal will be watching that game?

Fact: Alabama and Georgia are both unbeaten.
Opinion: It stinks that they don't play each other. But, both play Auburn, so the Tigers can go a long way to determine if either (or both) plays in the SEC Title game. Of course Alabama still has to survive a big game with Tennessee this week. Top Stories