View From The Booth

Pete Medhurst takes a look at Navy's upcoming game at Notre Dame and also offers his opinions on the rest of college football for the weekend of November 12th

There have been close calls, there have been blowouts.

There has been agony, and days when Navy just wasn't good enough. There have been games in Baltimore, New Jersey, Orlando and Ireland. One thing never seems to change. The outcome.

The Naval Academy deserves a measure of credit. Most teams would have told Notre Dame after the first 20 losses or so, no thanks at contract renewal time. Navy keeps coming back. Perhaps David didn't need 41 chances to slay Goliath (But it sure wouldn't hurt to be able to hurl rocks at Brady Quinn when's throwing), but one day Navy is going to break through. Is this the year? Wait, we all thought last year was the year too.

Notre Dame will always have bigger, stronger, faster people. Navy will always have heart, determination, and as long as Paul Johnson and his staff are around, a fighting chance no matter the size difference. Why? Truth in preparation. Johnson and his staff don't feed the kids a bunch of verbal bologna ( I can spell it thanks to the commercials). They don't slack off in preparation because it's the mighty Notre Dame. They prepare as if they are going to win the football game.

This year though, they face a very focused Notre Dame team, which has bought into coach Charlie Weis' system. Notre Dame has always had players, they are just being held accountable now. Where have you heard that line before?

Two of the best offensive minds in all of football will match wits on Saturday. One has the pressure of Touchdown Jesus. One is trying to help his team snap a 41-game losing streak to the Irish and become bowl eligible for a third straight year. This one will be fun to watch, and if Notre Dame can't make every tackle, or catch every ball, a streak that has deserved to end a few times in the past twenty years, may also end, finally…..

This weeks fact and opinion:

Fact: Steve Spurrier is bowl eligible in his return to college coaching.
Opinion: No one though that both Bobby Wallace and Spurrier would be bowl eligible and Phil Fulmer not. Vandy can beat Tennessee and Kentucky and still go bowling. Look out Phil. If you lose to Vandy who will be fired next? Smokey?

Fact: The Liberty Bowl posted a poll on its website as to who fans wanted to see the bowl game pair up against Conference USA. The leader in the poll by a wide-number, Navy.
Opinion: As much as I would like to see Navy honor the Pointsettia Bowl for creating the Bowl with them in mind, Memphis would be too good to pass up and Navy can beat UTEP.

Fact: Alabama is on the outside looking now in the BCS Poll.
Opinion: No need to worry Tide fans, LSU will take care of that this week.

Fact: Miami took Virginia Tech out of Title contention with a convincing win in Blacksburg last weekend.
Opinion: Don't get carried away Hurricanes' fans, you don't have enough O to beat the top two dogs. Top Stories