Interview: Signee Ryan Burke talked with McKinney, Texas lineman Ryan Burke about his recruitment to Navy and on the field strengths. Read on to find out more about this outstanding Navy signee. Talk to us about how you ended up with Navy, from the time you first heard from them until when you signed.
Ryan Burke: Navy was actually the first team that contacted me. It was last spring, probably about a year ago. Coach Spenser talked to me and told me he like what he saw from the tape that he had seen and that he would be by and see me at practice. Of course, I committed to Rice over the summer and he kinda backed off at that point because I was committed. I think he kept in touch with Coach Pratt. After the Coach Hatfield thing happened at Rice where he resigned and my head coach called Coach Spenser and told him I might be interested again. That kind of opened things back up. I sent him a tape of my senior year; he really liked what he saw. He came back down and talked to me a couple times. He offered me December or January. Told me he wanted me to come play. My visit was January 20th and when I was on the visit I decided that that's where I want to be. Talk to us about your on the field strengths. What makes you a great player?
Ryan Burke: I think I'm a powerful guy. I might not be the strongest guy but I'm more powerful than a lot of the people I play. Just being to snap the ball and having somebody right over me. I can take care of them. My coach felt like I had no problem with that nor did he have to worry about me having all these responsibilities; having to call fronts and being able to snap the ball and block. I guess I'm an intelligent guy. I've got good feet. I can get to the next level, to linebacker and all the way up to defensive back on screens on blocks. I'm a real mobile, versatile guy in that regard. Do you think you are stronger at run blocking or pass blocking?
Ryan Burke: I would have to say balanced. What we did was balanced. I'm probably a little better run blocker. What were some of your post season honors?
Ryan Burke: I was First Team All-State, First Team Academic All-State, All-Area for Dallas Morning News, unanimous First Team All-District and Offensive Lineman of the Year for my junior and senior years. What's your forty speed?
Ryan Burke: Probably about a 5.2, 5.3. How is your bench press?
Ryan Burke: About 330 lbs. How do you feel about going to Navy? What are your thoughts on that?
Ryan Burke: Outstanding. I feel so good. I went and checked out Air Force the first week in January and took an official down to Rice too. I got offered by Baylor. Just looked around at all the different places and decided with Coach Johnson, the success he's had. Everything clicked. Everything felt good, felt right. The people there, the coaches, the football program, the way its moving, the academics, all the opportunities. Everything is top notch so I didn't feel like I could go wrong going to a place like Navy.

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