View From The Booth

Pete Medhurst provides his picks for the upcoming NCAA men's basketball tournament - use at your own risk!

Let the madness commence.

It's 10:18 Thursday morning, I still can't figure out who I like in the Final Four of the NCAA Tournament.

OK, wait. I know who will get there, but picking from my Final Four could be very tough.

First of all, my bracket is in plain view for all to see on Yahoo in the Fans of Georgetown Group. Yes, I have been a Hoyas fan since 1979. Anyone got a Craig "Sky" Shelton #33 throwback I can wear?

So much has been made of the Missouri Valley and other mid-major conferences that I'm sick of it. Air Force beat Miami and Georgia Tech. Well, so did Maryland, who had three wins against the pair, and Florida State. Cincinnati beat several teams in the tourney for goodness sakes. Frankly, this was the worst NCAA Selection committee ever. Seeds didn't make sense, and some questionable calls on the final couple of teams. Then, as always, Chairman Craig Littlepage offered little in interviews afterwards.

Memo: Don't trot him out there if he isn't going to say anything. Save him the embarrassment and the time.

God bless the Missouri Valley and I hope Gary Williams takes up Missouri State on the offer to play home and home. For all the hype, I have all the Misery Valley Teams going home by Friday. My only concern is Seton Hall over Wichita State. However, the Shockers lost at home to George Mason so I'm not as worried as I should be. If West Virginia can't hit threes they will lose. They are tournament tough however, and I think they can Pittsnogle Southern Illinois.

In the Atlanta Region, give me Duke and Iowa in the regional final, with Duke winning. I think the four days off will help Duke get some legs back. Iowa is playing well and STEVE ALFORD CAN COACH! I just want to know where Alford gets his hair done. He has the best hair in all of college basketball.

In Oakland, I have Bucknell winning one round because I am a loyalist to the Patriot League. Kansas and UCLA are hot teams with good guard play right now. I like the Bruins to beat the Jayhawks in a great regional final.

In D.C., North Carolina did everything but beat top upper echelon teams this year. They lost twice to Duke, and twice to Boston College. In a chalky D.C. group except for Washington banging out Illinois, I have Connecticut beating Carolina in the regional climax.

Minneapolis is my wacky region. I have the cheese state well represented. I love Bo Ryan. I think he's a super coach and his team will be more disciplined than Arizona. I also think this has been one of Billy Donovan's best coaching jobs. Milwaukee wins one game, Georgetown two. It will look like a meeting of the Big East. Nova, G'town, former member Boston College and Florida to get through. B.C. will beat the Hoyas in a solid regional final.

That brings us to Indianapolis.

Remember what we saw in Greensboro last Sunday? We'll see it again. Duke over Boston College, 76-72. Top Stories