Paul Johnson talks football

The United States Naval Academy started its spring workout this week. Navy head coach Paul Johnson commented about the quarterback situation after Tuesday's practice session.

Q. I want to ask you a little bit about Brian Hampton. What do you think he needs to work on during spring ball?

A. I think once we get into team situations and drills I would just like to see him make good decisions. He has to be consistent. He has ability. He needs to be consistent every day and show me that he's improved enough that he is going to make good decisions that will give us a chance to win the game. He doesn't have to win the game; he just has to keep from losing it.

Q. You mentioned to us last week that Brian needs to get used to having you in his face. Can you explain what you meant by that?

A. It's just going to be a little intense. He's been in some games, so he knows how I am. I am going to turn the intensity up on him a little bit.

Q. He didn't get any of that last year?

A. Oh, I'm sure he got some, but you don't get on the back-up quarterback as much as the starter. What happens if he doesn't like it? You don't have anybody else.

Q. So the starter gets the brunt of it?

A. The starter gets the most attention at every position. We give them all attention, but the starter gets most of it.

Q. Do you think any of these other guys can realistically challenge Brian?

A. Sure. We'll see. That's why we practice. A large part will depend on Brian and a part will depend on the other guys. Some of these other guys have worked really hard.

Q. But they have a long road to go.

A. I don't know. We'll see. I think most of the guys understand what we're trying to do. All of them have been here for a year.

Q. I think when we met you said Goss was No. 2, but I believe when the depth chart was sent out Bryant was No. 2.

A. Don't pay any attention to that depth chart. Hampton is No. 1 and everybody else is No. 2.

Q. Last year it didn't take long into spring practice for Lamar to separate himself from the others.

A. That was as much a function of the others as it was Lamar. If that happens out here again than so be it, but I would be surprised.

Q. You will know within two weeks the depth?

A. We will know within two weeks what the depth is and then they will have the rest of the spring and all summer to work themselves up or down. I want to have a good idea of the depth two weeks into spring drills, because there are some guys that if they aren't going to be No. 1 or No. 2 on the depth probably need to play another position. We want to do it as fast as we can. Top Stories