Paul Johnson comments on spring drills

The Navy Midshipmen continued their spring drills in preparation for the 2006 football season. After practice head coach Paul Johnson spoke with the media.

Q. Tell me what you saw out there today.

A. Oh, there were some guys that competed. There were some good things. I thought the first team offense started out good. They made some plays and did some good stuff. The second and third team offense wasn't very good.

Q. What did you think of Hampton's play? He drove them down on the first drive for a touchdown. I believe the offense scored on their first three possessions.

A. Yeah, I think they scored every time he was in there. That's pretty good to go 70 yards three straight times. He did something right. He made a lot of mistakes as well.

Q. Brian did?

A. We didn't throw or catch the ball very well. I did put the offense in a tough situation having to go 70 yards every time and I have to give him credit, he got them down there.

Q. What kind of mistakes is Brian still making? Is it reads?

A. He missed a check on the goal line, he missed some reads, he threw the ball high a couple of times and he didn't throw the ball a couple of times when he should have.

Q. It does seem though that he has an ability to move the team. He did it last year.

A. He can make some plays. He makes guys miss him. He's hard to tackle. I thought Kaipo did some things today. He has some speed. He is clearly a little better runner than some of the other guys.

Q. What is the depth at quarterback?

A. It's still early. I wanted to put Kaipo in with the first unit to see what he could do. He helped himself some today in my eyes. I thought he did some things.

Q. How is Goss recovering from his injury?

A. He did okay. He made some runs. He probably missed less reads than the other guys. He did okay.

Q. Do you think that Trey Hines could be a big addition at slot back? I think you might have mentioned that you thought Trey was fully recovered from his injury last year.

A. I think physically he's back. I would like to see him make more plays. We have to give him a chance this spring to see if he can make some plays. He has to be consistent blocking, knowing what to do and all that stuff.

Q. Do you feel like slot back is his best position at this point?

A. Right now that's where he's playing. We will evaluate it as the year goes along.

Q. Did anyone other than Ballard do much at fullback today?

A. Kettani did some good things. When you play with the second and third team it's at your own peril. It's a lot different. When Kettani played with the first unit he had a couple of long runs. Both of them need to block better.

Q. Tyree Barnes made a couple of nice catches. Is he the definite other starter at wide receiver?

A. I don't know if we have a definite other starter right now.

Q. Who's challenging Tyree?

A. O.J. Washington, T.J. Thiel, Kyle Kimbro when he gets back, I don't know, a lot of those guys will play. I'm not worried about wide receiver. Tyree needs to block better. He needs to become more physical.

Q. But he can get open and catch the ball.

A. I didn't see a lot of people getting open today, anywhere.

Q. Are there any particular areas of the offense that concern you?

A. Yeah, all of them. We aren't very good right now. I don't know why everybody wants to anoint this team as something special. We aren't very good.

Q. The first team offense drove the ball right down the field almost every time.

A. That's because the other side isn't very good. Okay? It takes everybody. There will be days when the defense stones the offense.

Q. That's happened already?

A. No, but it will. I don't care about that as long as they compete and no where their going. We have a chance to be decent, but right now we aren't very good. Top Stories