Interview: QB Robby Davis talked with standout quarterback Robby Davis who was recently offered by Air Force and will likely be offered soon by Navy. What schools are recruiting you right now?

Robby Davis: Well, last week I was offered by the Air Force so I think they are my number one right now. I'm also very interested in Navy, Georgia Tech and Memphis. Those are my top schools.

GM: What positions do you play?

RD: I play quarterback and free safety.

GM: What are some of the things that make you a great quarterback?

RD: My ability to lead, my leadership, is definitely the key thing because this senior year will be my third year starting at varsity in the highest classification in Georgia. I've been really successful; I've been able to lead my team really well for the past two years. I think the main thing physically that helps me is definitely my quickness and acceleration and speed. I change directions really well. I think I'm relatively elusive. I ran a 4.5 forty recently at the combine and a 4.0 shuttle.

GM: What were some of your stats last year?

RD: I don't really know. I think I had about 1,000 yards passing but we do a lot of running.

GM: Are you guys more of a option type offense?

RD: Yes sir, we run a wing-T and triple option much like Navy and Air Force both. We run the option like 20-25 times a game. I guess I had close to 700 or so yards rushing last year.

GM: Have you gone on any visits yet?

RD: No sir, I haven't. I haven't really had too much direct contact with very many schools, except for the Air Force who came through last week. I'll be going through a couple of camps throughout the summer time. I've been to combines. I went to the Nike Combine this past weekend and the Elite 11 quarterback camp this past Friday also.

GM: Do you have any visits planned in the future?

RD: Yes sir, I'm going up to the camp up at Navy in the summer time, the 4-day camp. I know I'm definitely going to go out for an official visit at the Air Force. I'm also going to a camp at Georgia Tech and a camp at Memphis and at Georgia and Auburn. As far as official visits I guess I'm just waiting a little bit to see how things pans out.

GM: What are some of the things you like about Navy?

RD: Definitely the thing that really plays into what I do as a quarterback is the athleticism of the quarterback position there. I think my main attribute that is good about me is my speed and my strength and quickness and my ability to run the option and do all the kinds of things that they do offensively because I have been doing that for 3 or 4 years now. I'm very accustomed to the type of things that they do offensively. I really like Coach Johnson. I like what he has done up there. He used to coach at Georgia Southern and we are very familiar, we go down to camps and stuff that he used to be involved with. I'm very familiar with him and a lot of his staff. Coach Bohannon came through. I'm very familiar with him and we've spoken before. That really plays into what I do and what our team does offensively so it's really easy; it's not a big transition or very difficult transition as a quarterback.

GM: What are some of the things you like about Air Force?

RD: Pretty much the same thing. Offensively that is right down my alley; exactly what I like to do. The things I like about Air Force and Navy is the ability to play division I football while getting a great education and just the atmosphere, like big rivalries and ESPN games. I remember watching Air Force about 3 or 4 times on ESPN last year and the Air Force-Navy game and the big Army-Navy game. I remember all my friends got together, because I have a lot of friends dads that attended the Naval Academy. I always talk to them and they tell me stories and how much they liked it. I asked them things they liked and disliked about the academy.

GM: What are some of the things you like about Georgia Tech?

RD: Georgia Tech, definitely I think it's a great school academically. The location, it's about 45 minutes from my house so that's the big thing. A lot of people from my school attend there. I'm just very familiar with it; I've grown up here watching them play along with UGa. It's a great school and they play in the ACC and that's a huge conference. They play against Georgia and they played against Miami, FSU and they played against Auburn this past year.

GM: What's the most important thing your looking for in a school?

RD: I think the main thing for me is the ability to not only be able to play big division I football but be able to play but also get a great education while doing it. That's what I like about Navy, they can offer me that. Once I get out of college I'll have my life set and paid for me. I guess location isn't really that big of a deal but I guess Navy is definitely closer than Air Force so I guess it does play into the decision a little bit. I definitely like what they have to offer as far and the services and being able to support your country. I went up the Naval Academy two summers ago and I loved it and everything about it. The campus was beautiful and I liked everything from the fields, the facilities and just the whole atmosphere of being up there. Top Stories