Georgia QB dominates Navy camp; gets offer

Starrs Mill High School (Ga.) quarterback Robby Davis was determined to get an offer from Navy. Last week, despite terrible weather conditions, Davis showed the Mids Staff why he is a good player. talked to this fine prospect about the camp and his thoughts on Navy. How did your camp go at Navy?
Robby Davis: It was great. It was this past weekend. We went up there and had three-a-day practices a 7-on-7 little tournament. It was a lot of fun, I had a good time even though the weather wasn't great. I really liked being up there and seeing the campus and meeting all the coaches.

GM: How did you do up there? What did the Navy coaches say about your performance?
RD: Actually, I talked to Coach Bohannon, he's the recruiter for my area, and he said that I pretty much exceeded all the expectations they had set for me at the camp. My team ended up winning the 7-on-7 tournament. We got a little certificate for that. I also received an award for being the Outstanding Quarterback at the camp.

GM: Congratulations! Did you get a chance to talk to the head coach, Paul Johnson?
RD: Yes sir, I did. I got to talk to Coach Johnson like the second or third day there. He took me up to the office one day after practice and I sat down and talked to him about the school and admissions. It was really good to get to talk to him because that is the first time I've gotten to talk to him 1-on-1. That's when he pretty much came forward and offered me then.

GM: How do you feel about getting an offer from Navy?
RD: I feel great. It's such an honor. Especially with all the great competition they had there and to be able to be a direct admit there as opposed to going to the prep school. I feel great about it. I'm really excited and hope everything can work out. I really like the coaching staff and everything that the Naval Academy stands for. I'd love to be an officer out there. They do a lot of great things that really tie into what I do. I really enjoyed being able to be up there and meet all the coaches and really get to know them well.

GM: How was the weather up there?
RD: You know, that was about the only thing negative about that camp was the weather. It was an absolute monsoon; it was flooding. Other than that, I know the campus is beautiful. I've been up there before. The weather was tough. It made it difficult some practice days. Of course all our clothes smelled sour like sweat and rain. It wasn't the prettiest thing.

GM: I hear you have a plan to go back up there pretty soon?
RD: Yes sir, I do. I think on the 13th me and my father are going to going to fly out there and look over all the facilities. Coach O'Rourke is going to show us around.

GM: What schools are recruiting you the hardest?
RD: Probably Air Force and Navy. Coach Bohannon (Navy) called and talked to my dad about the camp right after I got home from the camp.

GM: Do you have any more visits planned other than Navy right now?
RD: In a couple weeks I'm going to the Wake Forest one day evaluation camp. I'd like to do an official visit to Navy during the season.

GM: Right now, if you had to decide today, what school do you think you'd go to?
RD: Oh, gosh. I really couldn't tell you. I don't even know. I can't say one more than the other.

GM: So right now, you just working out with your teammates?
RD: Yes sir, four days a week we are busting our butts. I'm throwing every other day after practice. Trying to get a little better.

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