Paul Johnson Wednesday practice comments

Navy continued its preparations for the 2006 football season on Wednesday. After practice Navy head coach Paul Johnson answered questions from the media.

Q. A massive increase in guys in red jerseys today. Is that a way of getting out of two-a-days?

A. I guess. You would like to think they're hurt. I just hope everybody understands the difference between being hurt and being injured.

Q. Funny how that works early in camp.

A. Sometimes, especially when you start hitting. But that's all right, because you can tell who wants to play.

Q. These guys said the numbers have gone up today.

A. Yeah it did, since this morning.

Q. About doubled right?

A. I don't know about that. I doubt we have as many tomorrow.

Q. How's that?

A. They had a nice little workout today, the guys in red. If guys are hurt they are hurt, you have to get them better, and guys get hurt. It's a rough game. But you have to push yourself. You can't be a little sore and think you're going to grab a red shirt. It doesn't work that way.

Q. Hall was one of them. He probably deserves the benefit of the doubt after what he's been through.

A. I'm sure he's hurt. He's competing. I don't question him. He's competing for a job. He's the last guy in the world that wants to be hurt.

Q. Kettani too.

A. If they're smart. My take on it is this. If they don't practice they aren't going to play. It's up to them. Matt kind of hurt his leg a little bit, the one that he rehabbed. I know what that's like. I've been through that.

Q. Are there any injuries that appear to be concerning? Nobody looks to be on crutches or anything.

A. I don't think so. We have a few guys coming off surgeries.

Q. How did the guys come through the first two-a-days. It's a grueling day.

A. Some guys came through. Kettani doesn't look like he's coming through real good, but some of them are coming through.

Q. Is that Kettani rolling down the field?

A. Yes. He forgot to wear his pads out in his pants. He's hurt so he didn't wear his pads. He probably won't ever do that again.

Q. Is it too early to start moving people around?

A. We've moved a few freshmen around in some different spots just to take a look. We will get through the first scrimmage and then start to piece together a group for the East Carolina game as far as who we're going to start to get ready.

Q. Will you start Monday with a new depth chart?

A. Yeah, we will probably put a new depth chart out on Monday. I don't know how much has changed, but we will put a new one out.

Q. Paul, can you just talk about the way the news came down about Eddie Martin?

A. Any time something like that happens there is no good way to hear it. You could tell he didn't feel well. I'm just thankful that they found out what's wrong with him and we're all just hoping and praying that his recovery will go well and he will come back and be 100% cancer free. Eddie's a fighter. If there is anybody that has a good chance to do that it's going to be Eddie. He's going to fight it all the way.

Q. The fact that he's obviously hurting big time and still comes in and passes his physical readiness test is amazing.

A. That says a little bit about Eddie as a person. He' a great kid. Everybody is thinking about he and his family and hopefully everything works out for the best.

Q. Do you know if his family has come up here?

A. Yes, they're here.

Q. Have you heard anything about when they would begin treatments?

A. I think they're still running tests.

Q. Eddie would have played this year in some capacity, right?

A. Yeah. He's played the last couple of years.

Q. Special teams?

A. Yeah and some at slot. It was his senior year. I'm sure he would have played and I'm sure he would have helped us.

Q. Has his return to the team been completely ruled out?

A. I don't have any idea. I think it just depends on how it goes. I'm not counting on him coming back and playing. I would like to get him back and be with the team. He's certainly a big part of the program. He can help us coach or do something if he comes back. Eddie told me his goal was to get back for the first game. He wants to be here for the first game and depending on the treatments that might be possible.

Q. A fan wanted me to ask you when you were going to get smart and move Kaipo to a different position and let him settle in somewhere else.

A. Whenever that guy takes my job coaching he can move Kaipo to wherever the hell he wants. Tell him that's my answer.

Q. He can read it on the transcript.

A. OK.

Q. Kaipo played wide receiver last year. Could he work in at slot back or does he not fit that mold?

A. He's playing everywhere if you guys would watch practice.

Q. I watched him take a pitch out one day.

A. Yep and he's playing receiver, he's playing everywhere. If he's not the quarterback he will play somewhere else. We'll see.

Q. But slot could be a new role for him?

A. Could be. More than likely if he isn't playing quarterback he will play receiver. More than likely.

Q. Would you do an on-line chat at some point this season?

A. I don't think so. I don't have time for that.

Q. I can't keep asking all these dumb questions from the fans.

A. Sure you can. Just go back and give them the answers. If they ask you the question go back and give them the answer.

Q. I would log on to that chat just to watch. Top Stories