Interview: Navy QB Brian Hampton, part II

Last time we spoke with Navy quarterback Brian Hampton he finished up by talking about his expectations for the season. Expectations are high at Navy this season. So how does Hampton remain level-headed amongst all the hype? We asked Hampton that and several other questions about himself and the team. Here is Part II of the Brian Hampton interview: How do you keep yourself level-headed with all those lofty expectations floating around the team?
Brian Hampton: Personally, I don't know what other guys do, but I don't read anything. I don't look at any polls and I don't play video games like NCAA College Football. I learned in high school. I read some stuff about me and got a big head. So I leave that alone now.

GM: So what's it like working for coach Johnson?
BH: I wouldn't have it any other way. He's a good guy, he's good natured. Sometimes he goes off the deep end and takes somebody's head off. But coach Johnson is beyond his years as a football coach. He knows more than most coaches, he's just so intense.

GM: What's the best advice you have received from anyone about starting at quarterback?
BH: I'd have to say it's from Lamar (Owens). He wrote me a letter and presented it in two ways. Number one, I'm the man on the field, and I have to present myself well off of it. Perception is everything. You have to look the part and show people what type of guy you are.

GM: The worst advice?
BH: I wouldn't consider it advice if it was bad. That would hold my progression back. So, like I said, I wouldn't consider it advice if it was going to hold me back.

GM: Do you pattern your game after anyone?
BH: Yes, I try to keep my feet like Craig (Candeto), my arm like Aaron (Polanco) and my mind like Lamar on the field. They all have attributes that I take from them.

GM: Who were some of the players you looked up to growing up?
BH: Flash, Kordell Stewart, was my guy. He was my man and we wore the same number. In high school, I played a very similar position to him. I was all over the place, quarterback, defensive back. I played almost every position on the field.

GM: Would it be a disappointment if Navy didn't win the CIC this year?
BH: Yes, it would be. If anyone wouldn't be disappointed, they don't deserve to be on the team.

GM: Do you feel any pressure to keep the streak of CIC's going?
BH: No. I don't let that influence me. Again, I try to take it one game at a time, I'm not going to try to look too far ahead. I know the pressure might be there, but I ignore it.

GM: Craig, Aaron and Lamar have all had big games against rival Army. What would it mean for you to do the same?
BH: What I've noticed is that whenever the service academies play, there is just so much enthusiasm. I don't think it's the same when other teams play. We play two, three, four times better when we play (Army or Air Force) So do they. With the big crowd and everyone watching on television. It makes the game so special. It's something. Top Stories