Saturday practice update

ANNAPOLIS, Md.--Navy head football coach Paul Johnson put his team through its first full scale scrimmage of fall camp, a crisp 150-play, two-hour scrimmage in front of several hundred fans at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium.

Navy's top four quarterbacks got approximately the same amount of snaps and each led the offense on at least one 70-yard drive for a touchdown.

"I thought the quarterbacks did some good things today," said Johnson. "I thought it was a real positive that neither the first or second offensive unit had the ball on the ground, knock on wood."

Starter Brian Hampton piloted the first team offense on six drives against the first team defense, leading the offense to two touchdowns and a field goal. Hampton carried the ball 11 times for 71 yards and a touchdown and completed six of nine passes for 76 yards and a touchdown. Hampton's touchdown pass was a 23-yard scoring strike to Jason Tomlinson.

"I thought Brian Hampton played well today," said Johnson. "I thought he made some good decisions."

Troy Goss, Kaipo-Noa Kaheaku-Enhada and Jarrod Bryant all led the second unit on touchdown drives. Goss rushed for 45 yards on 13 carries, while completing two of four passes for nine yards. Kaheaku-Enhada rushed for 46 yards on eight carries, including a dazzling 17-yard touchdown run up the middle. Kaheaku-Enhada also completed one of his three pass attempts for 17 yards. Bryant rushed for 61 yards on 11 carries, including a one-yard touchdown run. Bryant completed just one of his seven pass attempts for 23 yards, but was the victim of four drops by his receivers.

"Jarrod Bryant makes plays. When he's playing with that third group he sometimes has to make plays," said Johnson. " I was impressed with Kaipo today. I thought he did some good things and I thought Troy Goss did some good things. There's not a huge separation between those three guys. They all offer something a little different. If we do move one or two of them to another position, they can still come back and play quarterback. Brian Hampton played slot back early in his career, heck when Coach Jasper played for me in Hawaii he alternated at quarterback and slot back. It's not like you can't line up at wide receiver and then come in and play quarterback if you have to."

Zerbin Singleton made a strong push for the starting job opposite Reggie Campbell at slot back today, rushing for 53 yards and a touchdown on three carries and catching one pass for 23 yards. Singleton's touchdown run was an impressive 35-yard scamper off an option pitch.

"I thought Zerb had a good day today," said Johnson. "He plays 100 miles per hour every day."

Campbell picked up where he left off at the Poinsettia Bowl, rushing for 53 yards on three carries and catching one pass for 10 yards.

Curtis Sharp made a bid to move up the depth chart at wide receiver with three catches for 46 yards, including a spectacular 23-yard catch of a Bryant pass along the left sideline.

"I thought Curtis Sharp showed up today," said Johnson. "He made a really nice catch along the sideline and made a couple of other plays. I was pleased that he had a good scrimmage."

Linebacker Anthony Piccioni led the defense with 16 tackles and a tackle for a loss. Linebacker Joe Cylc and nose guard Nate Frazier had eight tackles apiece, while Keith Lisante and Tyler Tidwell had seven tackles each. Matt Humison, David Mahoney, Tidwell, Rick Amos and Larry Cylc all recorded sacks.

"It's hard for me to talk about the defense until I watch the tape," said Johnson. I'm back there behind the offense calling plays and though I can see everything, I can't see enough to comment on it until I watch the tape." Top Stories