Paul Johnson comments after Thursday practice

Navy continued its preparations for the 2006 season on Thursday. Midshipmen head coach Paul Johnson had these comments after the practice.

Q. I was just noticing that it looks like Capt. Hamilton is settling into his role as liaison.

A. Yeah, he's doing a good job.

Q. Do you like working with Ryan?

A. Yeah.

Q. How are things looking out here the last couple of days? Have they been crisp practices?

A. It's all right. We need to get better. The focus isn't as good as I would like it to be all the time. We go in spurts.

Q. Could you kind of talk about some of the good battles going on in camp. We talked earlier about Hall and Ballard, is that still the case?

A. Hall hasn't practiced so it's hard to have a battle. Today was his first day.

Q. Today was his first day back in pads?

A. Yes.

Q. Anywhere else?

A. I would say Joe Cylc and Clint Sovie are battling pretty good at linebacker. Anthony Gaskins and Zach Gallion have a pretty good deal going.

Q. That nose guard position seems unsettled.

A. We are going to play a couple of guys in there. David Wright is probably the starter.

Q. I thought maybe Tye Adams and Andy Tattersall would be a good battle.

A. Maybe. They are both going to play. Tye is the starter.

Q. How about the secondary. Price hasn't practiced much. Has that hurt him at all? v A. He's been out here the last couple of days. I'm sure it's put him behind, but he's played a lot of football.

Q. I meant to ask you the other day but is anybody pushing Veteto at punter?

A. Yeah, all three are listed No. 1 on the depth chart. Veteto had a good day today. He probably had the best day. They are all three pretty close. Walroth wasn't out here today. We have some Clearinghouse problems with him.

Q. Is he a freshman?

A. No, he's a senior but he's a walk-on kid that didn't do it before and those are the hardest kind because you have to go back and find records.

Q. Where has he been?

A. In the Brigade.

Q. He wasn't on the team before?

A. No, he came out last spring.

Q. What is the difference between them? I know it's hard to analyze punters, but how will you determine the starter?

A. Whoever is going to be the most consistent will be the punter.

Q. Which one has the strongest leg?

A. Which day? That's the problem.

Q. When does that start to become a concern? You can't underrate punting.

A. Last spring was when it became a concern. If they can be consistent they are adequate. We can get by with those guys. They have to be more consistent.

Q. You don't think you will have to do anything drastic like the rugby kick do you?

A. We may not punt. We will just go for it on fourth down.

Q. I understand that Kyle Kimbro has left the program.

A. He has decided to leave school. Kyle has had a lot of injuries and physically I don't know if he's capable of playing anymore. He had some surgery that didn't turn out like he had hoped. Kyle's a great kid and he just decided that he wants to try something else. He's going to move on.

Q. He has been out here though, correct?

A. Yeah, but he's been hurt.

Q. Is there anything in particular that prompted this?

A. He just can't get healthy. He's physically hurt. His body is beat up. He's had knee surgery and he hasn't been able to come back from that and then when you favor the knee you start to tweak other things. It was just a tough situation for him.

Q. And he had been on the depth chart.

A. Yeah, he would have played. He would have helped us.

Q. Do you feel like you're thin at receiver or do you have plenty of guys there to work with?

A. There are plenty of people there. We will see what kind of players they are.

Q. Barnes, Sharp, OJ

A. I'm not sure Barnes will play either.

Q. He's coming off surgery too.

A. Yeah, a year ago, but he's not right.

Q. And he's not really practiced out here?

A. He's tried. He just can't go. Top Stories