View from the booth

CSTV play-by-play man Pete Medhurst summarizes the week that was in college football and provides his pick in the game of the week (Ohio State at Texas)

The opening weekend in college football is always an interesting time.

I mean, come on -- can we just admit the Atlantic Ten football conference into 1-A or whatever it is supposed to be termed? Give me the A-10 vs. the Sun Belt and I bet the A-10 at least bats .500.

Richmond beat Duke, 13-0. The Duke Lacrosse team would silently like to thank the Spiders as now the focus might shift to the football teams problems.

Dan Hawkins, who lit it up on blue turf in Boise, might ask the Colorado administration if he can paint the field in Boulder, Black, Gold, or Blue, as in how is team felt after losing to Montana State of the Big Sky Conference, a conference that had TWO wins against the big boys on Saturday as Portland State defeated New Mexico. Yes, it's the same Portland State that produced for St. Louis QB Neil Lomax and former Washington Redskins tight end Clint Didier. The road for the Buffs is not easy ahead and 0-5 is possible.

I'm still left to wonder if Florida State and Miami's defenses are that good or are the offenses that bad? Either way, the speed of both teams' defensive eleven was stunning to watch in Monday night's 13-10 win by the Seminoles. The two teams combined for a staggering three yards rushing. Not the best of news for teams in the ACC who thought these teams might be a bit down this years since both were ranked outside the top-10 to start the year. Frankly, I'm not sure how good anyone is in the ACC since the best results were Clemson and Virginia Tech besting outmanned opposition. North Carolina lost at home to Greg Schiano's improving program at Rutgers, and Virginia got crushed at Pitt. Don't worry Cavaliers fans, all the guys that transfered to Grambling lost this week to my man Joe Taylor at the Pirates of Hampton.

Speaking of a Hampton and the Pirates, Navy QB Brian Hampton, is picking up where his predecessors under Paul Johnson have left off. The senior ran for 149 yards on opening night to lead Navy to a 28-23 win over East Carolina.

My choice for National Champion, West Virginia, ran with great effectiveness on Saturday in a rivalry win over Marshall. Steve Slayton can't win the Heisman over publicity powerhouses at Notre Dame and Ohio State, but he can help his team win the big prize in the end.

Colt McCoy couldn't have played any better for Mack Brown and Texas in a season opening spanking of North Texas, but he gets tested for real this week against Ohio State. Isn't there just something cool about the Texas QB being named Colt!

The PAC-9 sure looked great again (USC is in a completely different league than the rest right now) as I thought a late win by Arizona and a good win by UCLA over Utah were good signs. Cal, the team we were all led to believe was good, was anything but against Phil Fulmer and Tennessee. I may be one of the few folks who likes UT and the wonderful Rocky Top fight song!!! Oregon is the league's second best team.

What do you think scalpers will get for this week's Penn State at Notre Dame game? Tickets on are going for a minimum of $205 each. Some are over a $1,000 for a pair. Now I ask you this: either these guys are fools or do they do just eat the tickets if they don't get the ransom? Show up Saturday in South Bend, you're likely to get in cheaper just before kickoff.

Conference USA came close to getting a big road win as UAB lost by seven at Oklahoma. This is an under-appreciated league with great coaches who are starting to get good players. Tulsa will win this league and within two years Steve Kragthorpe should be a head coach in the NFL.

Pick of the week: I'll try the top game of the week. Texas at home should have enough speed to contain Ohio State's big play potential on the outside with Ted Ginn. Without big plays, OSU won't score enough to win. Texas 26, Ohio State 16 Top Stories