Stanford coach talks Navy

Stanford head coach Walt Harris spoke with the media on Tuesday and talked about this weekends meeting with Navy, which will be the opening game in the new Stanford Stadium.


"Obviously we're not excited about what happened last week [at San Jose State], nobody would be. But it was a hard fought football game. We capitalized on their mistakes, they capitalized on ours. We just made ours at the wrong time. There are obviously things we have to improve on; we're working diligently to do that. We have an unbelievable opportunity this week because we are playing in a stadium that has so much positive publicity. Last week was the first time I've been in [the stadium] since the grass has gone in and everything else has been cleaned up. It's remarkable; it's a great stadium for Stanford Football."


"We know we have a tremendous challenge versus Navy. [Navy head coach] Paul Johnson is an outstanding coach; he's done an unbelievable job there. They're on a five-game winning streak, two this year, and they present some major problems [for us]. They are really difficult to play against defensively because of their offense, and our offense will be up against a team that is very experienced. We have a lot of things to focus on and a lot of things to be excited about. That's our challenge, to get better and make it happen on Saturday."


"We have been given the go-ahead to get in [the stadium for practice] on Thursday. I think it should reenergize us a lot; that it guarantee results, no, but when our players go in there on Thursday, they are going to have a feeling they never have had here before. I'm praying it really makes a difference in the way we execute because that's really the bottom line. I think it will be a really neat experience for them to see it empty and practice in it, and then see it on Saturday filled with fans."


"It's very basic compared to our defense. They are a good defensive team, they have a lot of guys that I think real highly of who are real good performers. It's kind of a bend-don't-break defense because they know with their offense they will only be on defense about eight times a game. We just have to go out there and perform to the best of our ability; we had a real good offensive game against them last year. We just have to go out and play the best offensive game we can."


"I don't think that with the youth of our team that it would be smart on our part to put any more pressure on our players than there already is. We're just going to get ourselves ready to go, play as hard as we can, as well as we can, and we hope to get the job done." Top Stories