Navy's Campbell wants a bigger percentage of

I have a prediction that is as iron-clad as any ever made in the history of sports. So, get your pens ready and, well, call whomever you need to call to ensure you take advantage of this absolute no-brainer. Ready? Ok, here it comes. Reggie Campbell will run the ball more this week against Connecticut than he did last week against Tulsa.

Any takers? Well, hopefully I can find one because after talking to Campbell this week, I am flat out convinced that he will carry the ball more than zero times like he did against Tulsa.

In his best impression of NFL wide-receiver Keyshawn Johnson, Campbell pretty much flat out told me that he told the coaching staff to just give him the ball.

Ok, maybe he didn't say that, but wouldn't it have been a great story if he did? I could have worked up some pretty good headlines like, "Navy Slot Back Gives Coach Ultimatum," or "Navy Slot Back says he is Best Option for Navy." That would have been cool.

Let me repeat it, Campbell did not say any such thing. He did however let me in on a little secret about why he doesn't get the ball more often – like I and many fans continue to shout about.

"It's just the way our offense works – it is the option," said Campbell.

Good point, but come-on! You are Reggie, "5-touchdown, super-fast", Campbell, I thought. So I decided to take my questioning to the next level. I asked him if he ever pulled Coach Johnson aside and used the nearest stick to draw a play in the dirt – a play that would guarantee he would get the ball, regardless of how the defense lines up.

"No, I've never done that. I don't do that," said Campbell.

Heck, give me a stick, I'll do it. It would be pretty simple. Here Coach Johnson, I'd say…take a look at this. With the stick, I'd draw a circle with a seven in it and place it about five yards behind the center – with nobody in between. Then, I would say "hike" and draw a line indicating that the center just sent the ball spiraling into Mr. Campbell's direction. Can I have my "Offensive Mastermind of the Year Award" now? Can't we just ditch the option for one play?

Alright, where was I? Oh yeah, back to my conversation with Reggie Campbell. What about all the fumbles, 13 of them in the first four games? Surely he would have something headline-worthy to say about that.

"It's pretty much a unit thing. With a ball on the ground…who dropped it doesn't matter. You're just trying to recover it to keep the drive going. We don't really try to point fingers about whatever circumstances led to the ball being on the ground – I dropped two in the Stanford game. Luckily Shun White got those."


Unfortunately, when I asked about his next opponent, Connecticut, his impressions of the season thus far or the mood of the team coming off the heartbreaking loss to Tulsa, the answers were, well, not really headline worthy. So I decided to go into a different direction – and ask him a question he hasn't been asked EVER. I asked him about those #7 jerseys being sold at stores. Wouldn't you like a percentage of those proceeds?

"I wish," said Campbell.

Finally! I had my headline. It took awhile, but I got it. Of course, people will probably misinterpret it, but hey, I'm just trying to make news here.

And, oh yeah, about that prediction I said was iron-clad? I may need to take that back. After all, it is the option, people. Top Stories