Interview: Navy commit John Cabbage

Navy fans know John Cabbage is an outstanding defensive end but that may not be the position Cabbage ultimately plays at Navy. Read on to find out more about future Midshipmen John Cabbage.

John Cabbage profile

GoMids: How did your team finish up the season?
John Cabbage: Well, we started on track of being one of the best football teams ever at our high school, we were district champs and beat an undefeated team. Going into our final game of the season we ended up losing to our cross town rival that we had defeated 14 years in a row and then lost in the first round of the playoffs, we had home field advantage, we ended up losing by a point.

GM: Wow, that really stinks. At least you guys made it to the playoffs. What stats did you finish with?
JC: I believe I had 9 sacks, 15 tackles for loss and 70 tackles overall. I also had a couple forced fumbles and I blocked a field goal.

GM: What are the strengths of your game; what makes you a great player?
JC: I'd say my ability to get off the ball. I've always been quick, as soon as the ball is snapped to get across the line, so I'd say that's one of my best attributes. I also have a pretty good eye for finding the ball and finding the ball carrier.

GM: What is your forty time, bench press and squat bests?
JC: 4.7 forty, 330 bench, 450 squat.

GM: What NFL or college player do you feel you are similar to in style of play?
JC: One of my role models and who I compare myself to is Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney. He's not the biggest guy but every play he goes all out whether he gets knocked down or pushed aside, he just keeps going and running his engine and he manages to get to the quarterback. I've been watching him since he was at Syracuse and he's someone I really look up to.

GM: What honors did you receive during your junior season?
JC: So far all they've come out with is All-District and I was on that. I just found out this weekend that I've been asked to play in the Central Florida All-Star Game, which includes 8 counties, and I'll be on the East team.

GM: Which school is was recruiting you the hardest?
JC: I'd say it was between Air Force and Navy.

GM: What other offers did you have in addition to Navy?
JC: Air Force, Florida-International and Florida-Atlantic.

GM: When did you visit Navy?
JC: I visited them during the homecoming week. I believe it was October 14-15. They played Rutgers that week.

GM: How did you like your visit?
JC: I got to meet with Coach Johnson and I really liked him, he's a really good guy and I think he is a great coach. I loved the atmosphere. I know coming during homecoming week was the best week you could come, meeting with a lot of the alumni and seeing how much they support the team. I walked around the campus and it was just beautiful. I really liked the city life of Annapolis. I was just really impressed with the team and the overall atmosphere.

GM: What did the Navy coaches tell you as far as how you'd be utilized at Navy?
JC: They talked about me playing defensive end and maybe even some fullback.

GM: So did you play some fullback in high school?
JC: Yes sir. I was mainly utilized for blocking. I really like it, getting to full speed and coming around that edge and giving somebody a good pop.

GM: What did the Navy coaches say when you told them you were committing to Navy?
JC: Coach Jasper had been showing me around school all day and had brought me and my dad back to our rental car and he was saying goodbye. I shook his hand and then told him I was ready to commit. I think I caught him off guard at first and then a big smile came across his face and he was really happy.

GM: What does it mean to you to know that someday you'll play in the Army-Navy game?
JC: It's something I'm looking forward to a lot. I know that the Army-Navy game is thought of as one of the biggest rivalry games in all of Division 1 college football.

GM: Did you play any other sports other than football?
JC: I wrestled and made it to the state finals last year. Top Stories