Army QB position big question for today

There is a section in Steve Belichick's book "Football Scouting Methods" about the advantages to getting to a game early. Among the things Belichick, a longtime Navy assistant and the father of Bill Belichick, says to watch are:

-how accurate are the field goal kickers, and from what distances

-how many steps does the punter take before getting the ball away? Anything more than two or three and there is likely to be quite a rush on him.

-what players are warming up with what personnel, i.e. first-string, second-string.

It is the last item that those who are going to the game tomorrow, or know someone who is, may want to concern themselves with. Army has a choice at quarterback. One is the highly-recruited freshman who struggled in his most recent outing, albeit against Notre Dame.

The other choice is a tall junior with more poise and experience. The freshman is Carson Williams, and he had quite a meltdown against Air Force. The junior is David Peveto; he has waited his turn and has seen the Army-Navy game up close.

Paul Johnson gave a kind of funny answer when asked this week about freshmen playing in the Army-Navy game. He said words to the affect that it's almost better to play freshmen, since they "don't know any better." He then was asked who many freshmen are likely to play for Navy. He said one.

My best guess is Navy would rather face Williams, and all his potential, when the game starts tomorrow. Williams had a meltdown against Air Force (three interceptions in three plays) and Buddy Green must be hoping to give the kid some looks with his defense that morphs from a 3-4 to a 4-3 to a 3-3-5. Army almost certainly will start with the ball, especially if Navy wins the toss (I think Johnson always defers).

Secretly, I think Navy would rather not face Peveto. He is 6-feet-5--taller than any Navy defensive lineman--and he throws a lot of underneath passes, which puts a premium on tackling. And that has not always been Navys forte, per the Tulsa and Rutgers games.

Bobby Ross has been non-committal all week about who will start, but by the pregame warmups he will have to tip his hand. If Peveto is working with the ones, or first-string, Navy had best beware. If its Williams, Navy may be off and running.

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