Kevin Ross has been fired

Kevin Ross, Army's offensive coordinator for the past three seasons was fired by new Army Head Coach Stan Brock on Saturday, January 27th. The move came just a day after his father, Bobby Ross, resigned as head coach. In an exclusive interview with, Ross confirmed the firing took place immediately after Brock was named Army's new coach on Saturday.

"One of the first things Stan did (as head coach) was fire me," said Ross.

There was no mention of this staff change at Army's press conference on Monday – two days after the firing took place. Coach Brock even said he had spoken to "some of the coaches" and that "they went back on the road recruiting."

An Army rep would not confirm or deny the story but said that Coach Brock would name his coaching staff when he was ready.

As for Kevin Ross, he and his father had no indication that he was going to be fired. "He nor I had any idea it was going to happen. It was a real shock. God works in mysterious ways," said the former offensive coordinator.

"I really enjoyed coaching at West Point – the guys on the team were awesome," said Ross.

A lot of Ross's critics have thought and still think that Army should be running the option.

Ross who said that he was "extremely disappointed" in Brock's decision, confirms to that he and the Army staff had looked into running the option during his time as offensive coordinator.

"We studied the heck out of it, and we ran it to a degree. We just didn't want to completely major in it. We concluded that we would want to keep it as a package in our offense. Our quarterbacks were a little bit different athletes; it was a little bit difficult making yards when they had the ball. We practiced it a great deal; kept it in the game plan and called it a couple of times. It never made it into our complete system. We weren't closed minded about anything. Yeah, there were a lot of people for it, but we wanted to run a balanced attack (run and pass)."

At Monday's press conference new Army head coach said that the team would not go away from their base offense – which ironically, was installed by the guy he just fired.

When I asked Ross about Brock's statement regarding running the same offense, he said it was "a little bit of a surprise."

"We were on the way to making it pay off, but if it's not meant to be, it's not meant to be," said Ross. Top Stories