Special Report: Questions for the Navy Supe

David Ausiello's Off the Yard e-mail inbox has exploded. Fans, parents and alumni want to know what the heck the deal is with the Superintendent's new (apparently) non-fan-friendly policies. As the number one independent resource for Navy fans, rest assured that GoMids.com is on the case! We have dispatched David to Annapolis and are expecting a full report in the next 24-48 hours.

David's in search of answers to all of your questions and concerns.  Some of your questions have been really good ones so hopefully David does not take credit for all of them.  Be sure to stay tuned to GoMids.com and keep those comments coming!  Of course, nothing like a little mini-policy crisis at USNA to remind Navy fans that this is a perfect time to subscribe to GoMids.com – there is even a free seven-day trial for new subscribers.

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