Ready, Set, Blog: Navy 30, Temple 19.

Alright Navy fans it's less than two hours from kick-off and I'm already safely in the press box, ready to blog live from Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia. I've already had my first cookie and saw my first "Free the Brigade" sign compliments of John Mackinnon of Falls Church, Virginia. I'm officially getting nervous. FINAL: Navy 30, Temple 19.

4:21 - Arrive Lincoln Financial Field
4:23 - Spot first "Free the Brigade Sign"
4:30 - Get first offer to join a tailgate, compliments of John Mackinnon of Falls Church, VA
5:01 - Arrive in the press box for Navy versus Temple.
5:03 - Are those cookies?
5:04 - Yep...good stuff.
5:05 - No sign of the brigade yet in the stands
5:05.3 - Ok, nobody is in the stadium yet, except for the Temple band.

5:23 – First big decision of the night, spaghetti and meatballs or turkey and roast beef sandwich…hmm…

5:24 – I go with the sandwich thinking I shouldn't get my shirt dirty with spaghetti sauce.

5:33 – Referees do a microphone check over the loudspeaker (I told you I'd tell you everything)

5:35 – Navy and Temple players are on the field warming up.

5:39 – There are 23 fans in the stands…that I can see from the press box

5:41 – I put mayo on my sandwich and am already regretting it because it isn't low-fat.

5:43 - I spot Coach Johnson sitting on the bench with his legs crossed.  He looks relaxed…so that's a good sign.

5:45 – Veteto just launched a 45-yard punt in practice…will he be the starter?

5:52 – I spot someone in a Navy uniform!  It's tough to tell from the press box, but I think it is a female officer with a seat on the 45-yard-line.

5:52.15 – Note to self: I should have brought binoculars.

5:55 – Weather update: Mostly cloudy with a stiff breeze, probably about 15 mph.

5:57 – I notice a sign that says "Attack the Mac" on field level.  I guess they could have done worse.

6:10 – Navy players leave the field

6:14 – The Navy band is here!  Not the D&B, the other one.

6:17 – No Brigade yet…

6:20 – It's freezing in the press box.

6:21 – I take a picture from my seat…

6:22 – I just remembered the last time I was in Philly was for sports hernia surgery two years ago today…that's freaky.  The guy who did the surgery has operated on Donovan McNabb for the same thing…double freaky. 

6:25 – No way they get 30,000 fans for the game.

6:28 – Somebody in the press box just said that the spaghetti and meatballs were "awesome."  I made the wrong choice for dinner.

6:29 – I hear crowd noise for the first time – Temple fans cheering for Temple players.

6:30 – One hour until kickoff – official brigade count – zero.

6:35 – Time for a cookie run…don't judge me.

6:38 – Two more cookies down the hatch, but they were oatmeal raisin so that's ok, right?

6:40 – It just dawns on me that I will be typing during the game.  This is actually work.

6:41.30 – Note to self: Ask for a raise.                        

6:45 – Navy takes the field!

6:47 – Still no sign of the brigade…not good.

6:48 – I'd estimate about 5,000 people in the stands

7:00 – 30 minutes to kick-off

7:02 – YARD RUMOR: A fan in the parking lot told me that food deliveries to Gate Zero have been banned.  Still trying to confirm…

7:05 – Still no sign of the brigade.

7:07 – Temple band looks like they may form a tunnel for their team.  What about our team?  Maybe we can borrow their band for a Navy tunnel.

7:11 – Navy team leaves the field to rather small ovation…rut ro…

7:15 – No Bill Wagner, but Pete Medhurst says that these are the best press box cookies he has ever had. 

7:16 – Temple ROTC unfurls American flag in front of zero midshipmen from the brigade.

7:17 – National Anthem…I'm standing in the press box.

7:18 – Over/under for Bill Wagner's arrival in press box is 7:28 p.m.

7:18.30 – Fly over – 2 F/A 18's I think.

7:19 – I spot 3 Midshipmen!!!!!!!!!  Hope they brought their outside voice…

7:19.30 – Bill Wagner arrives!!!!

7:20 – Press Box announcer says no cheering from the press.  Whatever…I'll cheer here…on the blog.

7:21 – Press Box announcer says kick-off will be at 7:34 p.m.

7:22 – Brigade count: 4 Mids, no D&B, 12-14 cheerleaders

7:22.30 – My heart is pounding…either I'm nervous about the game or I'm freezing to death now.

7:23 – Someone in the media asks me what I mean by outside voice…hmmm…do I have a stalker/fan in the press box?  I tell him that we are teaching our 3-year-old daughter to use her indoor voice more often…he still doesn't get it.

7:24 – 7 Mids come down an aisle as they enter stadium and are greeted by (No lie) sarcastic cheering.

7:26 – Jumbotron shows Roger Staubach…I bet he is thinking, "Where is the brigade?" 

7:27 – Four cheerleaders have set up a "tunnel" for the team to come through.

7:29 – Here comes the Navy team!!!!!  I LOVE NAVY FOOTBALL!!!!!

7:29.10 – I'm cheering.  Take that press box announcer!

7:29.30 – Hey wait, that isn't the Navy band, it's the D&B.  They are here.  They are yelling like crazy.  There IS hope.

7:31 – Temple takes the field

7:32 – Navy takes the field.  I love Navy football!

7:32.30 – Coin Toss explanation by ref is taking forever!

7:33 – D&B and Navy fans have thunderstix!

7:34 – Temple will receive…cool…let's go young defense!

7:36 – Game starts! 

7:37 – Pitters makes first tackle of season for Navy

7:37.30 – Someone in the press box grunts after Temple drops pass…hey, no cheering I think.

7:38 – Third down…lots of thunderstix movement

7:38.30 – Navy press says holding call will negate first down…they are right!

7:40 – Punt…illegal block…loud grunts from Navy press…I grunt too.  Who is #11?  PJ better yell at him a lot I think.

7:40.10 – About 20 mids in stands not including D&B

7:41 – Pass on first play…Kaipo looked unsure but WR was wide open.

7:41.20 – Pitch to Reggie goes nowhere…rut ro.

7:42 – Big pass to Shun White! " That's another Navy first down" can be heard from press box.

7:44 – Temple Timeout…press box announcer says "Media timeout" – I think "Cookie timeout."

7:44.30 – I'm too cold to move to get cookies.

7:45 – I'm thinking about 28,000 fans at the game. 

7:45.30 – I ask the guy next to me how fans are here…he is from Temple…he guesses 20,000 and says that is "respectable" for Temple standards.

7:47 – Some intern (?) passes out game stats…huh?  We have played what 3 minutes?

7:48 – Press Box announcer calls Kaipo, "Kaipo"…he isn't even trying to announce it.  Good choice I think.

7:49 – First and goal after run by "Kaipo" – boy that press box announcer really isn't going to try to say his full name.

7:49.30 – Super SID Scott S. sounds confident…that's good.

7:50 – Ballard scores…

7:50.10 – No he doesn't.

7:51 – Ballard scores…for sure.

7:54 – Kickoff…returned to 25 yard line…Vela on the stop

7:55 – I scan the sideline for PJ…..don't see him…hmmm….

7:55.30 – I need binoculars

7:56 – I see PJ…he was pointing out penalty by Temple to negate long pass…PJ is smart…PJ thought it was illegal shift…turns out it was an illegal touching

7:57 – Chris Swezey (Wash. Post) makes a joke about illegal touching

7:58 – Third and short for Temple…full house backfield…measurement time.

7:58.30 – I'm missing the whole game to blog…note to self: Hire intern to blog.

8:00 – Offsides on Temple on 3rd down…more grunts from Temple side of press box.

8:00.30 – I realize I am sitting on the Temple side of the press box.  Conspiracy?

8:01 – Media timeout…time for everyone to read my blog.

8:01.30 – Chris Swezey tells the press box that he called the timeout…get it "media timeout?"  Chris is funny.  Maybe he should be doing this blog.

8:03 – Good catch by Reggie Campbell…someone in the press box says, "Air Navy."

8:03.30 – I am the most unfunny person in the press box.

8:04 – Kaipo is AMAZING…touchdown…someone from Temple asks me how to pronounce his name.  I take a stab at it.

8:05 – I see on the jumbotron that Kaipo waved as he crossed the goal line.  PJ aint going to like that.

8:05.30 – Paul Johnson is going to win his 100th game!!!!  I think.

8:07 – I hear someone in the press box go "Oh, Irv (Spencer)" after he delivers a nice hit.

8:08 – Lots of crowd noise after Temple first down.

8:08.30 – I'd say there are about 100 mids TOTAL at the game…including D&B

8:10 – What is the first sign of frost-bite?

8:10.10 – Another first down for Temple…lots of crowd noise.  They are almost to midfield.

8:13 – Another first down for Temple…bad tackling by Navy…it's getting loud at the Linc.  Rut ro Elroy.  Can you say Ray Rice next week?

8:13.15 – Nate Frazier makes his first tackle of the year.

8:14 – Someone from Temple yawns really loud.  Good thing they don't have to drive far after the game.  I, on the other hand, am going back to MD…end of first quarter…I'm looking for some hot chocolate…this press box is FREEZING!

8:15: Navy 14, Temple 0.  END OF FIRST QUARTER

8:19: Temple quarterback out-jukes entire Navy team then gets hurt.  Lots of speculation in press box to the injury.

8:20: Wimsatt sack – best tackle of the game so far.  3rd and forever for Temple.

8:21: Navy Super SID: First career sack for Wimsatt.

8:22: My fingers hurt from typing…more stats from intern(?) guy.  I'll look this time.  Kaipo has 71 yards rushing…rest of team has 17.  Sovie has 4 tackles.

8:24: After Temple pass to 25 yard line, in sync, Temple press say "field goal range." 

8:25: 41 yard field goal is…..good.  No cheering from Temple press though.

8:25.30: The guy next to me calls someone after every score.  Note to self: Investigate who this guy is and who he is talking to.

8:26: He's calling the wire service to update the score.  I knew that.  No really, I did.

8:26: My bladder is full…can I blog from the bathroom?

8:27: I wonder if they put out dessert in the press box at halftime…

8:28: Short kick-off, short return.  Back to offense we go.

8:29: Kaipo goes nowhere…someone says, "He should have pitched it."  Replay confirms this.

8:29.30: I think Temple is trying to take Ballard out of the game…note to self: Ask PJ in press conference about that.  3rd down….lots of noise at the Linc.  4th down…will we go?  I bet no.  I'm wrong.  I'm nervous.  Temple time-out.  Phew…

8:33: FIRST DOWN! Someone from Temple says, "They gave it to them."

8:33.30: I'm stealing that guy's cookie.

8:34: To quote Forrest Gump in the White House…."I gotta you know what."

8:35: Fumble by Navy…rut ro.

8:37: Screen pass…touchdown…didn't we have problems with screen passes last year?  With 9:23 to play in half, Navy 14, Temple 10.

8:40: I relieve myself…are you relieved that I relieved myself?

8:41: The guy next to me…the one calling after every score is watching the Phillies game via a gametracker thing on his laptop…more stats coming…

8:42: We need to get Ballard into the game…don't Navy fullbacks own this field?

8:43: Big pass…no challenge…is there replay I call out…nobody answers me.

8:44: I just notice that in the press box is the broadcast on ESPNU…it is actually behind the real thing that I'm seeing.  Weird…

8:44.30: The guy next to me (phone guy) is picking up the phone…but we haven't scored yet I think to myself.  Does he know something?

8:45: First down Ballard.  First and goal.

8:46: 2nd and Goal from the 5.

8:46.30: Touchdown for Ballard…Phone Guy was right!

8:47: Navy 21, Temple 10.

8:48: ONE Midshipmen in the stands is doing push-up.  Just one.

8:49: Kick-off return…late hit.  I yelled, "Nah" really loud.  Phone Guy is away from his post.  What if someone scores?

8:50: After flip of a pass, I think to myself (I'm worried about our defense).

8:50.30: Temple's band starts to get ready for halftime on the sideline.  Why am I telling you this?  There are more Temple band players than there are Mids at the game.  Folks, this is the real deal you are getting here.

8:52: just went from 41 Users logged-on to 33.  What happened?  Isn't this the funniest thing you ever read?

8:53: Ineligible receiver downfield negates another embarrassing show by the defense.  Temple coach disagrees.

8:56: 20-yard gain for Reggie Campbell.  28-10 at Halftime sounds good to me, but I'll take 24-10.

8:56.30: Phone Guy is eating potato salad.

8:57: Flag…interference on Temple?  I clap then say out loud, "I forgot, I'm not supposed to do that."  Will they kick me out of the press box?  Nah…

8:58: Quarterback draw goes nowhere.  2nd and long.  1:33 left in half.

8:58.30: Shun White…big gain…1:22 to half.  I like Shun White.

8:59: Shun again…great block by Reggie…who lost his shoe I think.

9:00: 1 minute to play…Swezey says he thinks we are working the clock.

9:01: A Pass inside the 10-yard line?

9:01.30: Time out Navy.  Ref left his microphone on.  I can hear everything he is saying on the field.  Loud laughter in press box!  He turns it off.  Big 3rd down coming up.

9:03: Fourth down, inside the 10, field goal coming…2 seconds to cookie run…err…halftime.

9:03.30: D&B is playing that "hey" song where usually mids get tossed in the air.  Field goal is good…24-10 at halftime…Navy gets ball to start second half.

9:04: My wife calls to tell me both kids are sleeping.  Best news of the night!  Ok, Kaipo's run was better.

9:26: Back to the action…I'm eating a soft but cold pretzel for those keeping score of my calories.

9:26.30: First play to Ballard…who predicted a big 2nd half by him?  Me.

9:27: Lots of "ooh's and ahh's" on Shun's big run.

9:27.30: Phone Guy is eating again.  He's putting me to shame.

9:28: Ballard fumbles.  Who said he was going to have a big half?  Not me.  Can you say Kettani?

9:29: I hate screen passes.  If I was Buddy Green, that's all I would work on.  Well, that and tackling…and rushing the passer…and crap…I'm getting nervous again.

9:30: We need more crowd noise from Navy fans…anyone surprised?

9:31: We need a turnover.

9:31.30: There is a fly buzzing around the press box.  Maybe we can put him in on defense.

9:32: That stupid roll-out in the flat to the tight-end is getting old.  Early prediction for next week.  Rutgers A LOT, Navy…???
9:33: PJ is not happy.  BG is really not happy.  Nobody on the Navy sideline is happy.

9:35: Wife just called…both kids are awake.  That was quick.  When it rains, well, you know the rest.  I just realized I missed a score…not because I looked at the scoreboard…phone guy did his thing.

9:38: Campbell returns it to the 30 yard line.  We need a score…Navy 24, Temple 13.

9:39: Is it me or are we pitching to the same side the whole game?

9:39.30: Kettani makes his presence known.  PJ is yelling at someone after the play.  Don't know who.  Injured Temple player.

9:42: Reggie Campbell is a good blocker…maybe that's why we are running to that side all the time.

9:42.30: Phone guy is making a personal call.  I'm trying to eavesdrop.  Measurement time – with 5:38 to play in the 3rd quarter…it's fourth down.  We are going for it.  It's getting loud at the Linc…again.  Wish we had more fans here.

9:43: First down Kettani.  I think he's venting some of that frustration for the brigade.

9:44: More stats given to me.  I'll peek.  Navy has 234 yards rushing.

9:45: Offensive pass interference…ouch.  2nd down and forever now.

9:47: Where is the pass interference on the defense?  That guy just knocked Shun down before the ball got there.

9:47.30: Some Temple guy says, "That makes up for the other non-call."

9:48: I challenge that Temple guy to a meeting in the parking lot.  He declines.

9:49: Prediction: Win or lose, PJ will let everyone in the media know that if we play next week like we did tonight that it will get very, very ugly.  Heck, if we play any week after this like this week, it will get ugly.

9:50: The jumbotron is showing a bunch of Temple fans.  Biggest cheers go to a Marine in uniform.  Nobody cheers for Mids on jumbotron.

9:51: We need a turnover.

9:51.30: We need a new Phone Guy because the one next to me is AWOL…just like our defense…another big run by Temple.  Ok, I'll take a win…who cares about the score.

9:54: When was the last time we didn't score in the third quarter?  Anyone?

9:54.30…Last year versus Temple is the answer.

9:55 Interception Navy…Buffin!!!!!  We REALLY needed that.  Media time-out.  3rd career pick for Buffin.

9:57: End of 3rd Quarter….Navy 24, Temple 13.

10:04: Temple's dance team is providing 3rd quarter entertainment.

10:05: They are the Temple Diamond Gems.  They are easy on the eyes.  Maybe they have a web site.

10:06: I am estimating that I will arrive home in Maryland at about 2 a.m. and that my whole family will be awake to greet me at the door.  Ah…the joy of being a parent of two young and restless children.

10:07: We get a big first down…Ballard is back.  Personally, I would have liked to have seen us go deep there.

10:07.30: It's officially Ballard time again.

10:08: Final score prediction: Navy 38, Temple 13. 

10:08.30: Another Temple injury.

10:09: I'm never getting home.  My wife is going to hurt me.  Sweetheart, if you are reading this…um…I love you?

10:09.30: Scott S. just asked me if I was going to the post-game press conference.  I say "yes" but I should have said "only if you know a good divorce lawyer."

10:13: TOUCHDOWN!!!!  Holding?????!?!?!?!?!?!?

10:15: 30,368 is the attendance…largest ever for a Temple game at the Linc.

10:18: Field Goal Navy, 27-13.

10:23: Irv Spencer hits hard.

10:23.30: I'm running out of steam…don't…know…if…I…can…type…anymore.  I need PJ to start yelling at me.

10:25: Another first down for Temple.

10:28: This game is taking forever. 

10:29: Another first down for Temple.  What is it about Navy and the first game of the year?

10:30: Kuhar-Pitters could be a good one.

10:31: what a difference a year makes.  Temple should be very please regardless of the score.

10:31.20: Big fourth down coming.  Temple must go for it and must get it or this game is over.

10:32: Touchdown Temple…RUT RO – big time.  Navy 27, Temple 20.

10:33: Missed the point….Navy 27, Temple 19.

10:37: I'm dead tired.  Coach, I need a substitution.  Coach?

10:37.30: Phone Guy just put a napkin under my bottle of Snapple…he's on my good side again.

10:38: When does temple start using its timeouts?  Hopefully never.  Don't they know I need to get home?

10:38.20: Press Box announcer: "Nate Frazier blocked the extra point.

10:39: Go Shun, Go Shun…maybe I can ride on Shun's back to get home.  I'd be home by midnight.

10:39.20: Final Score Prediction: Navy 30, Temple 19.

10:40: Anyone ever see that scene in Liar, Liar with Jim Carrey in the boardroom?  I like the part when he says "Simmons is old.  He should have been out of the game years ago."

10:41.20: I just realize what I wrote for my 10:40 post.  That's what happens when your hands cramp in the fourth quarter.  Folks, I'm done.  Somebody call it.  Time of blogging collapse, 10:41 p.m.

10:45: Navy Field Goal by Matt Harmon…Navy 30, Temple 19…just like I predicted.

10:46: Still 1:07 left to go.

10:47: 0:48 to go…I need oxygen.

10:48: Interception…sorry, not staying for Blue and Gold…I'll say Beat Army as I walk to my car. 

10:49: Paul Johnson gets win 100! Top Stories