Ready, Set, Blog for Ball State game

Alright Navy fans, it's time for some football, home-field style! Today, it's Navy (1-1) versus Ball State (1-1), live from Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium. The weather is gorgeous, the tailgates are smokin' and I'm ready to start my first ever blog from the Navy press box. HALF-TIME: Ball State 21, Navy 14.

3:31     I cut off 60 cars on Route 50 at the Rowe Blvd exit…I hate people like me.

3:37     Arrive Gate 2

3:38     Navy announcer and novelist John Feinstein pulls in the same lot!

3:40     Get to my seat, front row of press box, seat #24,

3:55     USNA86 stops by and chats…he purchased 3 shirts!

4:00     OUT OF TOWN SCOREBOARD: Wake 7, Army 0 – punt return for TD

4:06     I take a photo of my view from the press box.

4:13     I figure out that if I hit ‘tab' on my word document, HTML doesn't like it.

4:20     Time to Eat!

4:23     Poinsettia Bowl Reps are a few seats 3 and 4 seats to my right.  NOTE TO SELF: Ask them if they are here to evaluate Navy.

4:30     I HEART mayonnaise – I know it's wrong, but what would macaroni salad be without it?

4:33     Clint Sovie has a huge cast on his leg.

4:34     Three Bill the Goats are now roaming the sidelines as I spot the mids marching towards the stadium. 

4:34.20 I get those cool chills down my back.

4:37     Michigan 24, Notre Dame, 0.  Can you say PJ to South Bend rumors?

4:38     I try to start a "Hands Off Our Johnson" chant in the press box.

4:39     Chris Swezey just helped me open the vent above my window so I can hear some real game noise.

4:42     Pre-game warm-ups are over!  Bring on the Brigade!

4:54     I just spent 10 minutes talking to the Poinsettia Bowl folks.  They have their fingers crossed for 6 wins.

4:55     The brigade is almost completely on the field.  Getting those chills again!

4:57     Ladies and Gentlemen, The BRIGADE OF MIDSHIPMEN!!!!

5:00     N – A – V – Y  GO NAVY, FIGHT, BOOM!!!

5:03     Fly-over is WAY TOO HIGH!!!!



5:07     Shun White is starting…4 yards on first play of game

5:08     Crowd is either late getting here or a little disappointing in size.


5:11     Kaipo came to play…make a note.

5:12     Early Prediction: Navy 70, Ball State 0

5:14     63 more points to go!  TD KAIPO, Navy 7, Ball State 0.

5:16     DRIVE STATS: 12 plays 80 yards (5 minutes, 40 seconds)

5:17     There must be a breeze…NOTE TO SELF: Stick head out window and check.

5:18     Brigade needs to be LOUDER!!!!!  Ok, third down…MAKE SOME NOISE!

5:20     Walsh causes fumble…Ball State recovers

5:20.10 PREDICTION: Lots of short passes.

5:21     Someone in the press box said Irv must be angry today…it was Wags.

5:24     We can't BUY a sack.

5:27     Ball State is shredding our defense…NOT GOOD…Terry is good…who is Terry?

5:30     Saw "Birth Control Glasses" flashed on jumbotron as part of Spirit Spot.

5:31     Ball State Touchdown – Navy 7, Ball State, 7

5:32     DRIVE STATS: 13 plays, 75 yards (6:33)

5:37     END OF FIRST QUARTER Navy 7, Ball State 7.

5:40     3rd and Long to start the 2nd quarter – will we finally pass?  I'm hoping for a quarterback draw.  I don't think we have done one yet this season.

5:45     I don't have the words to describe our defense…

5:46     Touchdown Ball State, Ball State 14, Navy 7…nice razzle dazzle play.

5:47     DRIVE STATS: I don't care anymore about drive stats.  I'm thinking about breaking out my Annapolis trivia…                                                                                               

5:56     Somebody in the press box asks a Poinsettia Bowl rep if Navy will "fly middies out to the bowl game."

6:03     Navy's version of razzle dazzle does not work.  Ball State is already driving on our "defense"

6:06     Navy's defense holds…Ball State punts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6:07     KAIPO RUNS TO HAWAII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Navy 14, Ball State, 14.

6:12     I try to start a "Put Ausiello in on defense" chant

6:19     Ball State TD…lots of big sighs in press box…make that LOUD Sighs.

6:29     Navy drive before half ends with a blocked field goal…

6:30     HALFTIME: Ball State 21, Navy 14. Top Stories