Interview: Clint Sovie

The play developed innocently enough: Rutgers running back Ray Rice took the ball out of the backfield on a draw play. Navy linebacker Clint Sovie pounced, making the tackle, unfortunately, his last of the season. Sovie tore the ligaments in his tibia and fibula, missing the rest of the season.

That's 11 games, not including Rutgers. But Sovie, a junior, is back, fighting for a starting linebacker position. Sovie took some time to talk to about his painful injury and how good it feels to be back.

GM: What was the worst part about missing all of that time?
CS: Not being with the guys on road games, not being with the team all the time. I had never sat out a game in my life, so it was actually surreal for me. The whole thing, not being in meetings, not being dressed for games, it hurt to go through that.

GM: The best part about being back?
CS: That I can play again, hit again, be with the guys.

GM: What should Navy fans expect from Clint Sovie this season?
CS: I'm just going to work hard and, hopefully, do what I've done over the past few seasons. Right now, I'm just working to get a starting position.

GM: The defense took some heat for its play last year. What should we expect from the unit this year?
CS: I think we will have a good team. We lose a lot of key players, but I think we have some people that can step in and get the job done. You never get content, you never want to go down hill. I think we have a good defense, I really do. We are looking to prove something. We had some injuries, some people stepped in who had never played a game. This year, we want to show we are a cohesive unit, and earn the respect of the fans.

GM: What type of emotions will you be experiencing when you take the field for the 2008 season-opener against Towson?
CS: Oh gosh, it's almost been seven months to the day that I hit someone. I hadn't hit someone in the opposite or same jersey. The emotion is going to be greater than it always has been. I won't be trying to hurt anyone, but I won't take anything for granted now when I play.

GM: Any game you are looking especially forward to?
CS: Every game, especially the first one. I'm also always looking forward to Army, Air Force and Notre Dame.

GM: What should we expect from Navy this season?
CS: We should be successful. As far as the coaching change, things won't change, our success won't change. I think it will be a good season.

GM: Thanks for the time, Clint. Looking forward to watching you make lots of tackles this season. Top Stories