Garrett Sherwood: Staying Focused

As you know, Garrett Sherwood signed his Letter of Intent in February to suit up for the Naval Academy. Since then the 6-1, 200 pound tackling machine has been doing everything in his power to make sure he is on point whenever he arrives in Annapolis. recently spoke with Sherwood to see how things have been going as of late. Come inside to get the scoop…

SM: So, how has it been going lately?

GS: Everything has been going really good. I'm just trying to keep my commitment to the Naval Academy, and just trying to stay active in the weight room.

SM: How does it feel to know that everything has been signed, sealed, and delivered?

GS: It's a big relief. It's really cool that I don't have to stress about a college decision or anything like that. It's good to already know where you're going. Now I can prepare for what I am going to be facing as far as for academics and football in college. It's just a big relief.

SM: What position(s) are they projecting you to play at the Naval Academy?

GS: They've been talking to me about outside linebacker, but they said that they will evaluate me once I arrive on campus. As far as whether I'll move to inside linebacker, it'll depend on my weight. They said that it'd be on a day to day basis.

SM: How good are your chances of competing for early playing time?

GS: When I spoke with Coach Ken in his office, I told him that coming in, I wanted to work hard and compete for a job. He said that I'll have an opportunity, and that the best man will play. I really feel that if I can outwork a few people, and that if I give my all to the team, I'll have an opportunity to contribute early.

SM: How are you looking academically right now?

GS: Right now I have 3.8 and I'm on the honor roll. So, I've really been working hard at it.

SM: How have you been able to maintain your focus?

GS: I know going into the academy that I've got to continue to keep my grades up, and continue to have a good work ethic. I know that I have to get everything in gear, and that the Academy isn't going to mess around. So, I've just been keeping that in mind

SM: Do you have in mind what you'd like to study at the Naval Academy?

GS: When I was on my visit, I met with the Economics professor, and it sounded like a good option for me. They don't really do a business type thing, so I think Economics is going to be my area. Top Stories