Jarod Bryant Interview

Yes, Jarod Bryant is Navy's back-up quarterback, a very capable one we might add. But don't expect Bryant to be standing on the sidelines with a clipboard in his hand all season. Innovative Navy coach Ken Niumatalolo plans on using the speedy Bryant at slot back.

GoMids.com talked to Jarod Bryant , a senior, about how the transition is going.

GM: How do you feel about getting some different opportunities to touch the ball?
JB: Well, I mean when coach told me about moving me around, I was excited. I just want to get on the field. Quarterback, slot back, whatever they want me to do.

GM: Is playing quarterback still your first love?
JB: Of, course. Any quarterback will tell you that. I played quarterback during the first half (of spring camp) and slot the second. Unless, we go live, then I play quarterback. I like playing slot back and I'm getting better at it. I have improved fundamentally, better footwork and stuff like that. I feel pretty comfortable out there.

GM: What do you like most about playing the position?
JB: I like getting the ball on the perimeter. It gives you a good chance at getting in open space. I will get a lot of looks in open space, that's just how it works. That's how this offense works, you try to get people in mismatches. I enjoy running routes, too, I caught one ball last year. I was one-for-one.

GM: So are you going to take one to the house this season?
JB: Am I? Of, course. That's the mentality you have to have. We draw up every play like we are going to score a touchdown. But we'll see about a touchdown. Hopefully, I don't get caught.

GM: Are you excited about doing some (punt) returning?
JB: If they want me to do that, it will be real exciting. It's just another opportunity to get out there and make plays. I like it because it's an opportunity to find some open space, get some angles, make some moves.

GM: Does coach Niumataolo have anything else lined up for you?
JB: If he does, I don't know. But who knows?

GM: A lot of all-purpose players like Kordell Stewart have nicknames. Have one yet?
JB: People just call me Bama because I'm from Alabama. I don't have one of those cool nicknames, but you can think of one and get back to me.

GM: How about the scud missile?
JB: Scott (Strasemeier, Navy's Associate A.D./Sports Information) doesn't like it. I don't like it. You have to get past Scott first.

Navy quarterback Jarod Bryant scores a two point conversion against Duke linebacker Michael Tauiliili (AP Photo/ Steve Ruark)

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