Interview: Ivin Jasper

Ivin Jasper has taken over as Navy's offensive coordinator and the triple option offense is in good hands. If anyone has a feel for Navy's vaunted scheme, it's Jasper. He played quarterback and slot back in the triple option at the University of Hawaii in the early-1990s, learning from the master, Paul Johnson. Jasper, who has been at Annapolis for nine years, recently spoke with

GM: How excited are you about preseason camp approaching?

Jasper: This time of year is real exciting. Coaching football for a living, there is a part of the year, where you are not doing much as far as the actual coaching. So getting back into it, definitely is exciting for me and the coaches. We are anxious to get back to work and to get ready to play. I want to see where we are.

GM: Have you already drawn up Navy's first offensive play for the season?

Jasper: The first play has been ingrained in my head for 15, 20 years. It's going to be a run (laughs). We're not going to change anything. Kenny (Niumatalolo) knows what it takes to win here and so do I. We are just going to coach these kids as hard as we can. Whatever a defense throws at us, we are going to be ready.

GM: What's your philosophy on offense?

Jasper: We want to make people defend the run, defend the option. I think, with the offense, it's always been the cliched thing: The equalizer and all that. We know going in, that they can't do much, they can't practice, because this is assignment football. That's always been a big advantage for any team that runs the option. Just try to stay out of third and longs and get a lot of second and third and shorts.

GM: Will you change anything from Paul Johnson's system?

Jasper: No, I mean I coached and played under him. The system works. We don't see a need to change anything. Because, as the old saying goes, if ain't broke don't fix it. The main thing is just be a workhorse football team, be consistent, be tough and play Navy football.

GM: What's it like to have weapons on offense like Shun White and Kaipo-Noa Kaheaku-Enhada at your disposal?

GM: Jasper: We just watched film on Kaipo and, when he's on his game, he's the best that we've had here. But it's also great to have a guy like Jarod Bryant right behind him. If Kaipo goes down, he can go right in. Nothing really changes. If you saw us in the spring, if Jarod came in for Kaipo, there wasn't much difference. That's a good thing to have. Having them makes it easier for me to call plays. Losing two guys like Reggie Campbell, a very, very good football player, and Zerbin Singleton, and getting two guys to step in, will be tough. But Shun is a guy who can take it the distance.

GM: What's the most fun part about running the triple option?

Jasper: Just seeing it all come together. Seeing the read, seeing the execution by the quarterback. Watching the read, the perimeter block, the pitch, the cut and a guy getting the corner and making a big play. There's a lot of parts that go into. Not just the quarterback. Seeing it all come together is a beautiful thing.

GM: Speaking of offenses, what do you think Army will run on 'O' this year?

Jasper: I would say it will be different. I hear a lot that it's the option. If I'm a betting man, I'll probably be it's some form of that. I don't know if it will be out of the shotgun or wishbone. Or double slot, like what we do. It will be something different. I'm kind of leaning to them running the option.

GM: How much does having played quarterback and slot back in this system help you run Navy's attack?

Jasper: When I'm watching the game, I'm gonna try to find something to do, and I can always look at it from a quarterback's point of view. I know what they are thinking. I try to put myself in their position and look at it in their eyes. I know what Kaipo is looking at and it makes it easier for me to understand. My job is to make sure that their job is a little easier. It will definitely benefit me. But this will be a lot different for me, calling a game, there will be a lot going back and forth in my mind. I'm pretty sure I can handle it. Top Stories