Interview: Kaheaku-Enhada Kaipo-Noa

Navy quarterback Kaipo-Noa Kaheaku-Enhada burst upon the scene as a sophomore in 2006. He's guided the Midshipmen's triple option attack for two years and Kaheaku-Enhada is still gaining steam. Kaheaku-Enhada, who rushed for 834 yards and 12 touchdowns last year, hopes to go out with another big season.

In Navy's world, that includes a Commander-in-Chief's Trophy and, at least, a berth in a bowl bid. Kaheaku-Enhada took some time to talk to and spoke, not only about football, but himself.

GM: How excited are you now that preseason camp is in full swing?

Kaipo-Noa Kaheaku-Enhada: I'm definitely happy to be playing football again. Everything is starting to get back to normal. It's great to start setting everything up for the season.

GM: Best part about preseason camp?

Kaipo: Just the camaraderie you build with your teammates. Those are the things you remember for the rest of your life. There are some hardships you go through together out there.

GM: Worst part about camp?

Kaipo: Every day is hard. I mean, it's really, really hot down here and, sometimes, we are all hurting. But once you get through the mental aspect, you are fine. It's all mental.

GM: What should Navy fans expect from you during your senior year?

Kaipo: I just hope to win as many games as I can. I want to help lead the team and continue the success we've had the last couple of years.

GM: You've accomplished so much at Navy. Do you have any other goals?

Kaipo: I'd just like to build on the program, help the younger guys, be something of a leader to them. Because, as soon as football is over, I'm going to be a leader in the fleet.

GM: Start looking at Towson tape yet?

Kaipo: We have not. We are still trying to install our own offense and get it ready to go. We have been looking at eight-men fronts, which I think Towson will run. You never really know what's going to happen until the game.

GM: Offensive coordinator Ivin Jasper has said, when you are on, you are as good as any quarterback Navy has had. Your take?

Kaipo: That's hard to believe, considering I can't throw the ball. There has been a long list of successful quarterbacks at Navy. For (Jasper) to say that, it's hard to believe, but, at the same time, I'm honored.

GM: How is your throwing coming along?

Kaipo: It's still a work in process. I think my decision-making is good, I just need to get in a rhythm. If I don't set my feet in the pocket and stand upright, my passes are all over the place, they usually end up in defenders' hands. But I'm working on it.

GM: Best part about running the option?

Kaipo: It's fun. It's fun to tell a defense that they have to play against a dive and a pitch all game and see if you can beat them. I find that really fun to do.

GM: If you were told you had to pick another offense at Navy?

Kaipo: Why not throw every single down? Turn it into June Jones at Hawaii and now SMU. That would be interesting.

GM: Favorite quarterback growing up?

Kaipo: Actually, I never watched football. I never watched sports. I was always outdoors, fishing, hunting and surfing. Doing stuff like that.

GM: Tell us more about your life in Hawaii?

Kaipo: I have seven brothers and two sisters. I'm the oldest. I wanted to get into the military because my grandfather was in the Navy and he told me it was a great way to travel the world. It was kind of put in my head. Then, I got the call from Navy, and I'm going to be an officer. But I was just a pretty normal kid in Hawaii.

GM: What do you miss most about Hawaii?

Kaipo: Besides my family, the food. I like Korean style chicken and a bunch of local stuff. A lot of stuff people don't understand.

GM: What do you think of Army running the option?

Kaipo: Hey, if it fits the program, run it. I'm a huge fan of option football. So if they get it rolling and, it works, go with it.

GM: How will Army's option match-up with Navy's?

Kaipo: I'm not sure exactly what they are installing, who knows. There are so many different ways to run the option. If they do run it, it would basically be a possession game between us. The clock would run out pretty fast. It would be all about controlling the clock.

GM: Your plans after graduation?

Kaipo: Hopefully, become a Marine pilot. That's my goal. I want to be a Marine, period. Top Stories