Interview: Eric Kettani

Hard-charging Navy fullback Eric Kettani is primed for another big season. He rushed for 880 yards and 10 touchdowns as a junior last season and, with Adam Ballard graduating, Kettani will get even more carries in 2008. Kettani took some time to talk with How excited are you to finally get the chance to run over an opponent? EK: I'm definitely excited. (Quarterback) Jarod (Bryant) and I were just talking about that. I'm sick of practice, I'm sicking of hitting my teammates. I want to play another team, for sure.

GM: You and Adam Ballard made a great tandem. But with him graduating, you should get more carries. Are you excited about that?
EK: It was definitely nice to have Adam Ballard. He would give me a breather and let me get ready. This summer, coach (Ken Niumatalolo) told me to be ready to get the bulk of the carries this season. I've been preparing very hard for that.

GM: You ran for 880 yards last season. How about 1,000 this year?
EK: How about more than 1,000? After our team goals, we talk about individual goals. I would like to reach 1,000 and hope I get the ball enough.

GM: I'm sure you heard about Army defensive coordinator John Mumford's comments about Collin Mooney and Navy's fullbacks. We had to ask you your take?
EK: It came out the wrong way, I guess. I'm not going to comment on that. I'll wait until week 12, that's when I will have a lot more to say.

GM: How does the rest of the team feel about the comments?
EK: Actually, its become a joke with us. My teammates have been saying that the Army fullback is better than me. We have laughed about it.

GM: Favorite part about playing fullback?
EK: Just being the backbone of the offense and breaking plays up the middle.

GM: Any fullback you like watching play?
EK: I liked watching Mike Alstott when he played. He was a tough runner, he just trucks people, he's fun to watch.

GM: What would you rather do: Lay someone out with a killer block or score a touchdown?
EK: I'd rather do both, but I'd have to say, score a touchdown. Scoring on a long touchdown run, but blocking makes me happy, too.

GM: What do you expect from Towson in the season-opener?
EK: I expect them to come out hard. This is this first game against a Division I opponent, they have nothing to lose. They are going to come out ready and so are we.

GM: Your goals as a senior this year?
EK: To rush for 1,000 yards and go out with a 10-win season. We have some other things, the CIC is, of course, always in there. Top Stories