Interview: Adam Ballard

Hard-charging and relentless are just a few words to describe fullback Adam Ballard's style at fullback. He helped Navy to four straight Commander-in-Chief trophies and and bowl appearances (2004-07). These days, Ballard, 24, is hoping develop the next Adam Ballard. The Texan is a graduate assistant working with the fullbacks at the Naval Academy Prep School in Newport, R.I. recently caught up with Ballard and asked him a few questions about life after Annapolis.

GM: What do you enjoy most about coaching?
Adam Ballard: Just the fact that these guys come in as a blank slate. You get to see them develop and mature, learn the offense. I take some of the things I've learned and my success and try to help them. It's gratifying to see them develop.

GM: Tell us about a fullback you are high on at the prep school.
AB: We have a kid from Texas, Austin Beatty, he just ran for 177 yards against the Navy jayvee team. He's about 210 pounds, runs hard, it's pretty cool because we both relate, because we are from Texas. Kyle Eckel's brother, Kevin, is also here. He's shifty, very athletic, he could probably play slot back.

GM: You are at the prep school, so what does the future of Navy football look like?
/AB: The amount of athleticism we have, people should be looking forward to the future. We have a good wide receiver, a good quarterback, good defensive backs. The future definitely looks bright.

GM: What do you miss most about playing?
AB: Just game days and the excitement of playing in front of the home crowd and on television. Just contributing to the win and the whole game day atmosphere. I was interviewed on television last week and I told them I would give Eric Kettani's right arm to play again.

GM: What do you think of Navy's performance this year?
AB: I think they are doing good. I saw somewhere where Navy has the 29th toughest schedule in the nation. I've been real impressed. They came out and won some big games like Air Force. They lost some big guys like Zerbin Singleton and Reggie Campbell, but the offense is playing well, and the defense is picking it up.

GM: What do you think about what Paul Johnson has dome at Georgia Tech?
AB: I think everyone expected him to do well, but not this well. The offense will get better, but, right now, the defense is winning games. They don't have to score 35 points to win. I'm happy for coach Johnson. He's a competitor and did a lot for the Navy program. I wish him a lot of success, just not against Navy.

GM: Will you be at the Army-Navy game in Philadelphia?
AB: Yeah, I will be. I'm not really excited. I'd rather be playing than a fan. It's still exciting with all the festivities and everything.

GM: Tell us about your future in the military.
AB: I go to Marine officer school in Quantico, Va. later this year. I'm there for six months. I might go into infantry, I'm not sure. After that, I don't know. How long I stay in the military depends a lot on how the (presidential) election goes and other stuff like conflicts. I eventually want to start and family and it would be hard raising them being overseas. Right now, I really can't say with accuracy how long I will be in. We will see what kind of opportunities the Marines present. Top Stories