Jasper: Kaipo Threw Teammates "Under the Bus"

After Saturday's 29-19 defeat to Wake Forest in the EagleBank Bowl, Navy senior quarterback Kaipo-Noa Kaheaku-Enhada vented his frustration with reporters. In an expletive-laced tirade, Kaipo even called out teammates for missing blocks on a particular pass play. Navy offensive coordinator Ivin Jasper spoke to GoMids.com about Kaipo's comments and it is fair to say he was not happy – not at all.

Ivin Jasper had just completed his first season as Navy's offensive coordinator on a sour note – a loss to Wake Forest in Washington D.C.'s first-ever bowl game. However, he did not have time to sulk or even think about the game because he needed to drive his family home to Annapolis and then go back to D.C. to interview for the head coaching job at Army.

While Jasper was somewhere between the locker room and his home, his starting quarterback was sounding off to members of the media about what he thought went wrong during the game.

Kaipo, who has often been described as a ‘free spirit' and a generally ‘laid back' person by coaches and teammates, was neither after the last football game of his college career.

As reported here by The Capital's Bill Wagner, Kaipo frustration boiled over. At one point, the senior even sounded off on his own teammates about a blown play:

"The man we were trying to hit was wide open down the middle," Kaheaku-Enhada said. "If you block it right, that's a touchdown. We didn't get a block on it. They beat us one-on-one."

Kaipo's comments were not at all welcomed by Jasper.

"Without a doubt I was surprised (by his comments). It was just flat out disappointing that he would lash out like that. That stuff you see in the NFL where people don't care and make all of this money. That is something that should not come out of a football locker room for the Naval Academy," said Jasper.

"He just took the brotherhood and threw them under the bus," added Jasper.

Jasper said that Kaipo's tirade is especially disappointing when you consider everything the senior has been through this season.

"That's not the way for a person, who had to fight through a season to get back for the Army game, (to go out). I wanted him to finish up right and to finish up on a positive note. And then to come back and to play his last game and to make those kinds of comments, to me, that was disappointing," said Jasper.

Jasper did not address any of Kaipo's statements in particular, but he said they were very uncharacteristic of the Hawaiian native.  

"You have got to keep your cool and (Kaipo) lost his cool. He's always been a kid who has stayed relax in heated situations. He's always been relaxed and to come out like that – to fall apart like that in a post-game interview is just disappointing," said Jasper.

"We didn't execute, but at the same time you don't come out and point fingers and blame kids and then throw your teammates under the bus. That is not something your starting quarterback should be doing," Jasper added.

Jasper said that he has sent a communication to Kaipo about his remarks that should clearly let the senior know that he is "upset." But in the meantime, he plans on using the unfortunate situation as a teaching moment for the returning players.

"I am going to make sure I get in front of these young guys and make sure (they know) there is no place for that," said Jasper.


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