Cluley: "It's All About The Brotherhood"

Despite the fact that he missed 6 games during his senior season, quarterback Kenneth Cluley, from out of Reicher Catholic High School still accounted for over 2000 yards of total offense and 30 touchdowns on last season. Now he's looking to continue his success on the next level when he joins the Midshipmen next fall. recently conducted an interview with QB Kenneth Cluley from out of Reicher Catholic High. Get the scoop on why he ultimately chose the Naval Academy as his final destination.  

SM: First of all, congratulations on your recent signing with the Naval Academy next fall… Tell me, how does it feel to be a part of one of the most prestigious programs in the country? 

KC: It feels great. I'm just glad to have a chance to play on the next level, and a chance to get a great education. I really couldn't pass that up. I'm really looking forward to being a part of it. 

SM: Which programs did you have to cut from your list during the decision making process? 

KC: It was basically between Army and Navy. I had a few others looking at me, but it was pretty much between Army and Navy. 

SM: What major factors helped you choose Navy over West Point? 

KC: Navy did a really good job recruiting me. The recruiter (Coach Joe Dupaix) really stayed after me. He's really a great guy; we really like him a lot. In fact, every coach we met was great. They seem like a really good group of guys to play for. 

SM: Are you expected to take red-shirt or contribute immediately? 

KC: I'm red-shirting. I'm going to the prep school, which it'll be like a red-shirt year for me. 

SM: What do you plan to study at the Academy? 

KC: I'm not sure yet. I really haven't decided. 

SM: What are you looking forward to most about joining the Naval Academy? 

KC: It's all about the brotherhood; just the fact of everyone being together. I think about the brotherhood everyday. At least fifty times a day (laughing)… That's how strong it is out there. Top Stories