Interview: Ricky Dobbs

Navy quarterback Ricky Dobbs proved to be super as a sophomore, filling in for banged up starter Kaipo-Noa Kaheaku-Enhada, when needed. Dobbs played in seven of 13 games last season and scored eight touchdowns. Now, Dobbs is the projected starter for Navy, with two years of eligibility remaining. He recently sat down with to discuss last season, spring practice and next season.

GoMids: What is your biggest goal during spring practices?
RD: Just, each practice, getting better at every facet of my game. Doing that will make the whole team better. I don't want to take any steps back. Just go forward and keep the team together.
GoMids: It's your job to lose: How does it feel to be the man?
RD: It's a blessing. This is what I've hoped and dreamed for my whole life. God has given me this opportunity and I'm going to make the best of it. Everything I've dreamed about has come true and, I'm going to do everything within my power, to make the best out of it.
GoMids: How much did playing a bit last year help you grow as a quarterback?
RD: It helped me grow because I saw how the game speed was and where I stand as a player. I came into some tough games and it just made me more comfortable in the offense and more confident. As a player and a person, it showed me the things I need to do to get better and improve. 
GoMids: What was it like when you got the word that you were starting against Northern Illinois last year?
RD: It was sort of the way I feel now. It was a dream come true. But I definitely can't start to become complacent. I have to continue to work hard. Coach (Ken Niumatalolo) told me to always prepare like a starter. Now, I am the starter. I have to continue to prepare. The icing on the cake for me was when I got the call from (former Washington Redskins quarterback Doug Williams). That was a blessing. He saw the game on television and told me I played real well. I want to just keep working hard to make more of my dreams a reality.
GoMids: What was your welcome to Division I football moment?
RD: I think a couple of big hits, especially the Air Force game. I went in and, a couple of plays later, that defensive end (Jake Paulson) hit me hard. It was like a wake-up call when that happens, you get hit so fast. I was hit the hardest against Notre Dame, (linebacker) Maurice Crum blindsided me. I didn't see it, I was like 'wow'. Northern Illinois was a real tough team, too. I figure that was my welcome to Division I moment. I'm not saying I won't be hit this year.
GoMids: How does it feel to be following so many Navy quarterbacks who have had success running the triple option?
RD: It's just another opportunity to have my name announced as another great quarterback who played here. I'm going to strive to be my best. My mom and uncle always told me strive to be the best. Never settle for anything else and give all glory back to God. 
GoMids: Your favorite QB to watch?
RD: One of my favorites on the college level is (Florida quarterback) Tim Tebow. He's a great leader and he strives to be his best as a Christian and a player. His faith is so strong. Growing up in the church, we learned to speak into existence, and things will happen. A prime example is when Florida lost to Ole Miss last year. In his interview after the game, Tebow apologized and said nobody would work as hard as himself and he would push the team. They didn't lose again and went on to win the national championship. I believe in that, I believe in speaking into existence. If you work hard, you can do great things in life.
GoMids: Why will Ricky Dobbs be successful this season?
RD: Because I will work hard to give all glory to God. Everything I do will involve Jesus's name. If I do that, no doubt, I will prosper and I don't have any doubt that I will be successful. I will be successful in his eyes. I don't care what other people think. I will be successful in God's eyes.
GoMids: Your goals for this season?
RD: To just play as hard as we can and, for me, to play my best every game. Never settle for less. Our new motto is 'One Heartbeat'. If everybody plays sound, we will be one powerful offense. My goal is to have a win checked off every week. 
GoMids: Fill in the blank: In two years, Ricky Dobbs will:
RD: Look back on the last two seasons and smile because I worked hard and the team was really successful. We had two successful years. I will just smile.

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