Midshipmen Defenders Still Battling

GoMids' Adam Nettina wasn't the only one impressed with Chase Burge's scrimmage on Monday. Read what Navy defensive coordinator Buddy Green had to say to media members about the performance of unit.

Q: Were you pleased with the hitting and intensity of the scrimmage?


Buddy Green: I thought some guys flew around. A couple of guys made some good plays – Tyler Simmons stands out to me. From sideline to sideline he was running all day long. Just from not watching the tape, he's one of the guys who caught my eye throughout the scrimmage. I thought we came out and played hard early, but later on - as the scrimmage went on – [we] gave up some long runs. The ‘B' group gave up the quarterback keeper when a guy over pursued the ball, and we gave up a play-action pass later on in the scrimmage…But up front I think some guys played better today than they did the last couple of wheels…[nose guard Chase Burge] stands out to me. He played better today, maybe the best day he's had.


Q: Do you think Burge's success was due to him going up against the third string center?


BG: I don't know really. I don't pay attention over who is in there and who isn't, but [Chase Burge] stood out to me as I guy who played better today than he has the last couple of weeks.


Q: Do you think it gives your defense an advantage when the nose guard goes up against a new center?


BG: We look at every spot on the field. Their offensive line does a great job, and it's a really tough offense to stop across the board. The nose guard can do a great job but everybody across the line of scrimmage better do their job – if not it can turn into a big play. The nose is an important factor in the defense, but everybody across the board playing against this type of offense better be doing their job. It doesn't always matter what kind of job the nose does – he might do a great job – but if everybody else on the field doesn't do there job and play disciplined then the option can go to the house.


Q: One other guy who seemed to make a big hit was Caleb King. What about him?


BG: Yea he sure did. He took a nice pass drop and made a good hit on the backside. Hauburger also did a great job coming off a block and caused a fumble.


Q: What about Craig Schaefer. He looked like he made some big plays early. Has he solidified his position as the starter at outside linebacker?


BG: I think he's still battling. The position is still up for grabs. [Craig] has been going with the ones and Jerry [Hauburger] has been going with the ‘Bs' and [Neil] Doogan has been out there too. But it's still a battle for that spot. I hope we have a lot of battles, both inside and of course at defensive back…But right now it's still up for grabs.

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