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There were few Pennsylvania high school seniors who were more exciting with the ball in their hands last year than Gateway running back Brian Williams, who ran for 1,666 yards and 21 scores to lead the Gators to the WPIAL AAAA Championship Game. Williams is headed to Navy in the Fall.

The speedy five foot, seven-inch Williams also had two interceptions on the season as a cornerback, and finished the year by being named First Team All Western PA by the website WesternPAFootball.net. Following his senior season, Williams committed to playing football at the United States Naval Academy, and was in Annapolis this month to witness Navy's Blue and Gold spring game. I caught up with Williams after the event, and got the scoop of his future plan at the Academy.


Adam Nettina (AN): How was your experience at the Blue and Gold Game? Did you get to meet any of your future teammates? Which ones? Did you learn any more about your future on the team and as a Midshipman?


Brian Williams (BW): I had fun at the Blue and Gold game it's always exciting to watch football. After the game went down and talked to my future coaches and met most of the ‘A Back's for Navy because that's the position I will be playing. As for my future with Navy I think I can only be successful there because it's defiantly a strong brotherhood so I can't fail.


AN: Which programs recruited you out of high school? Which programs offered you a scholarship? What set Navy apart from these other programs and made you decide to commit to being a Midshipmen?


BW: I was talking to a lot of MAC schools but after all the coaches got fired it was kind of hard to make a decision. I had offers from Clarion, Seton Hill, Lincoln and some other small schools. I chose Navy because I thought about my future out of football and I thought Navy had the best programs to further my education.


AN: Which assistant coach recruited you to come and play at the Academy? How influential was he in the recruiting process?


BW: Coach [Dale] Pehrson was my recruiting coach and he let me know the basics that it's hard work but it's also hard to fail at Navy [because of the brotherhood.]


AN: What do you feel is the greatest strength of your game? What area of your game would you like to improve on?


BW: I think my best strength is my shiftiness; I love being in the open field. I just need to work on my power so I can be a more balanced running back.


AN: Will you be attending NAPS or will you come to the Academy as a direct entry recruit?


BW: I will be attending NAPS first.


AN: You played running back and defensive back at Gateway High School. What position were you recruited to play at Navy? Is this your preferred position?


BW: I was asked to play "A back" and I always wanted to play running back so I'm fine with it. I might try some kick returns, also.


AN: I think a lot of people who've seen your high school film probably wonder why you didn't attract more attention from the bigger name programs. Do you think it was because of your size?


BW: I think my size defiantly threw some coaches off but that's another reason why I chose Navy; because they look pass that and go off of talent.


AN: What has your off-season training regimen been like?


BW: My training is difficult still. Mostly I try and work out with my high school team to stay in shape.


AN: Do you know what you'd like to major in at the Academy?


BW: I'm not all the way sure what I would like to major in but I think I'm going to try in engineering


AN: What do you know about the service commitment for after you graduate? Have any potential service selections (Marine Corps, Surface Warfare, Aviation, etc…) especially interested you?


BW: I don't know that much about the commitment so I'm not all the way sure what I would like to do, but hopefully it's something I can enjoy so that I can stay in the Navy until I retire.


AN: Your brother is a wide receiver at Michigan State. Has he given you any advice about the transition to the college game?


BW: My brother lets me know about the game speed and what to expect. He tells me that I'll no longer be the fastest guy on the field so I know I have got to train harder.


AN: Finish the sentence. The one thing Navy fans should know about me is…


BW: I am a play-maker and I hate losing so I am going to contribute as much as possible.


Adam Nettina and the GoMids.com staff would like to thank Brian for speaking with us. To view highlights of Brian, visit his Scout.com profile.

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