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Few incoming Navy recruits have a better story than former John Carroll (Al) standout Ben Bostick. As a highly sought after athlete from the Birmingham area, Bostick was being recruited by some of the Top FCS programs in the country following his junior season, and was looking forward to an even better senior campaign.

However, a broken fibula in the first game of the 2008 season shattered Bostick's hopes for a break-out year, and with it went much of the recruiting interest that the six-foot, 195-pound athlete had received. One team which did not give up on Bostick was the Naval Academy, which under the direction of Bostick's recruiting coordinator (linebacker coach Keith Jones) offered the two sport athlete a scholarship. A young man of considerable faith, Bostick said he feels both humbled and blessed by the opportunity coach Jones and the Naval Academy has given him, and vows to continue his rehabilitation before arriving at the Naval Academy Preparatory School for the Fall 2009 semester. I caught up with Bostick recently, and discussed both his recruitment to Navy and his plans as a future Midshipmen.


Adam Nettina (AN): Did you attend the Blue and Gold Game in Annapolis? If so, how was your experience? Have you met any of your future Navy teammates yet?  


Ben Bostick (BB): Yes I attended the Blue and Gold game in Annapolis, I enjoyed myself very much.  I've met a few of my future teammates and I seem to get along well with them. We have to start bonding early if we want to get through this.


AN: How tough was it for you to miss most of your senior season after breaking your fibula in the season opener this past year? What did it mean for you to have Navy recruiting you despite being sidelined with the injury?


BB: It was extremely hard, especially because I felt I was letting my team down.  I was a leader on the team and they depended on me for a lot.  All I could do was pray and see what God would do with me.  My prayers were answered when Coach Musso, my high school coach, told me that Coach Jones came to look at me.  I didn't know at the time but this was God's way of answering my prayers.


AN: How was the level of interest from college programs in your skills before and after the injury? Did you find that there was a significant drop-off in the interest level after you went down in the opener? 


BB: Before my injury I had a number of FCS schools looking at me. Schools such as Furman, Wofford, Elon, and Samford.  After I got hurt all of them kept me "warm" but I could tell that they didn't really want me.  The drop off was ridiculous.  I was still invited to games, but coaches would miss my phone calls and never call when they were able to.


AN: I understand you made a recovery in time for basketball season. How did the season go for you and your team? Do you find that the skills needed in basketball also translate and help you out on the football field? 


BB: The season was awful to be honest.  We just weren't together as a team, and there wasn't a lot of respect for our coach.  The only reason I kept playing was to gain some lateral movement back.  Basketball was basically a fast paced rehab for me.  I believe it will help me on the field with short bursts and being explosive.


AN: At which position did Navy recruit you at? Are you open to switching positions once you get to NAPS and eventually the Academy? 


BB: Navy recruited me as an athlete.  I had the option to play receiver, safety, or slot back.  I chose to go with safety because I love playing defense and getting in big hits.  I'm very open to changing positions because I know I'm going to get bigger and faster when I get on the training program.


AN: I read that you spent some time with former Navy quarterback Jarod Bryant on your official visit. How influential was he on that visit in convincing you that Navy was the right school for you?


BB: To tell the truth no one at the academy influenced me to commit.  I knew before my visit I was going to commit.  Jarod [Bryant], Tyree [Barnes], and Curtis [Bass] just helped me see that I will still have fun and time to be a college student.


AN: Ultimately, why did you choose to commit to the Naval Academy? 


BB: I chose the Naval Academy because I fell that God wanted me to.  I prayed for an opportunity after I got hurt and I didn't know how or what would happen.  I'm glad everything turned out the way it has though.


AN: Do you know what you want to major in? 


BB: I'm thinking about majoring in economics because it's the closest thing to business available.


AN: What do you know about the service commitment for after you graduate? Have any potential service selections (Marine Corps, Surface Warfare, Aviation, etc…) especially interested you? 


BB: All I know for a fact is I'm going to have a job immediately coming out of school.  I don't know exactly how I want to serve but I'm sure I'll find something that suits me.


AN: Finish the sentence. The one thing Navy fans should know about me is…


BB: I have a lot to prove.


GoMids thanks Ben Bostick for speaking with Adam Nettina, and reminds Navy fans that the "Future Files" series continues next week. To get in touch with Adam, feel free to drop him a line at AdamNettina@gmail.com


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