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At six-foot, three-inches tall and weighing in at 252 pounds, former Brentwood high school defensive lineman Cameron Mason has the size and athleticism to play for any number of college programs around the country. A versatile player who excelled both at tight end and defensive end at the prep level, Mason nevertheless committed to playing his college ball in Annapolis, calling the chance to play

FBS football while training to serve in the military "an opportunity I could not pass up." I caught up with Mason after Navy's recent Blue and Gold game, and got the lowdown on the Tennessee native's recruitment and future plans at the Academy.


Adam Nettina (AN): First and Foremost; what made you decide to commit to the Naval Academy?


Cameron Mason (CM): I was very impressed with the coaching staff at Navy and the facilities at the Academy. I was also impressed with the academics.


AN: What kind of interested were you receiving from other college programs? Did you have any other offers coming out of Brentwood High School? What made Navy stand out above the rest?


CM: I was receiving interest from several other programs. I received offers from Arkansas State, MTSU, Air Force, and Furman. I just have always wanted to be in the military and felt like committing to Navy was just an opportunity I could not pass up. I also prayed a lot on the matter and it just felt like this is where God was pointing me to go.


AN: Navy obviously does not use tight ends in their offensive scheme. Were you recruited exclusively as a defensive end for the Academy, or is there a possibility you could play on the offensive line?


CM: I was recruited to play defensive end only. But now I am also training on long snapping because I was the schools back up long snapper this past year.


AN: Which assistant coach recruited you to come and play at the Academy? How influential was he in the recruiting process?


CM: Coach Ingram recruited me. He was a big help and very influential in me making my decision. He was always there when I had a question and he helped make my decision to attend USNA an easy one. 


AN: What do you feel is the greatest strength of your game? What area of your game would you like to improve on?


CM: I would say that the greatest strength in my game is probably my pass rush ability and the ability to read plays. With this being my 14th year playing football I feel like my play reading and diagnosis ability is great. I would like to get faster and stronger though. Fortunatly, [getting faster and stronger] is something I feel like I can accomplish in the Navy strength and conditioning program.


AN: What kind of contact have you had with other Navy recruits from the High School Class of 2009?


CM: I have kept in contact with [sloback recruit] John Howell, who was on my recruiting visit last year. I also work out with [fellow Tennessee lineman] Barry Dabney.


AN: Have there been any special steps you've been taking to prepare for both plebe summer and your first year as a Navy football player?


CM: I have still been working out every day and I have started to swim at least 3 days a week.


AN: How was your experience at the Blue and Gold Spring Game? Did you get any insight into your future role as a Navy football player and as a Midshipmen?


CM: I had a great time at the game. It really showed me that being a football player at Navy is both a honor and a privilege and you need to treat the experience that way.


AN: It's not often that true freshmen play or even seen the field at the Academy. Knowing that, what are your on-the-field goals for 2009?


CM: My goal is to make the bus to the away games. You have to start somewhere and getting on the bus would be a great accomplishment for me.


AN: Finish the sentence. The one thing Navy fans should know about me is…


CM: No matter what I will never give up.


Extra: Check out prep highlights of Cameron Mason at Brentwood high school.


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GoMids thanks Cameron Mason for speaking with Adam Nettina, and wishes the high school senior only the best during his career as a Midshipmen and a Division I athlete. To get in touch with Adam, feel free to drop him a line at AdamNettina- at-gmail.com



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