Green comments on Navy and others reported on July 17th that FB/LB Bronson Green had picked up a Navy offer. Here are more on Bronson Green's comments about the Navy offer along with his thoughts on his camps at Washington and Vanderbilt. Green is also hearing from UCLA, Oregon State and Cal Poly.

On finding out about the Navy offer:

"My head coach from my high school called and told me that the head coach from the Naval Academy had called and said that they were going to be offering me."

On getting the Navy offer:

"It's such an honor to just even think about attending the Naval Academy. First of all the process of even applying at the school is excessive in its self. It's such an honor to be considered to play for a school like that. It's such a rich tradition.... I got the call and I was like shaking. It's something I've worked for all my life. The Naval Academy is such an unbelievable place. I'm not saying I am committing there as of right now; I'm going to weigh my options and see some other schools and really think it out and see if that is the right place for me. I'm so honored to go see the school and the coaches and see what it has to offer."

On setting up a visit with Navy:

I'm actually supposed to talk to the head coach tomorrow morning. I'm sure that we'll talk about sending the official offer and setting up a visit for next year.

On Vanderbilt:

"I talked to coach Frank, the quality control coach, I really like talking to him. We email and keep in touch. They said it's not going to be an immediate offer but there's the possibility. Maybe with this Navy offer some schools like Vanderbilt are going to see that I can play at a division one school like Navy who plays teams like Ohio State and Notre Dame. They said they'll definitely keep in contact, they love the way I play and they thought going to the camp really helped my stock there. They said they really want to see my film (senior)."

On his camp at Washington:

"It was great. I had no idea how nice that school was. I was really shocked. I thought I was spoiled having USC and UCLA's campuses here but Washington is bar none one of the top campuses in the nation. I was so surprised. The coaching staff is great. I have perfect confidence that that coaching staff can turn that program around. I think they are going to be competitive, I really do. I think they are going to get great recruiting classes and work hard."

Green is also hearing from Caly Poly, Oregon State and UCLA.

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