Recruiting: Interview Greg Thrasher

Greg Thrasher, a highly regarded cornerback who has outstanding speed, talked with about why he chose the Naval Academy and other interesting information.

Greg Thrasher is more than just an outstanding football player. He's also an outstanding person. He volunteers at a local middle school to help younger students. He also volunteers at his church.

Thrasher excels in the classroom too. He was selected to the Who's Who Among American High School Students three consecutive years. He was also an Honor Student all four years of high school in both English and Social Science.

On the football field Thrasher was named First Team All-District Cornerback (2001, 2002) and Defensive Back MVP (2001) Honorable Mention All-District Cornerback (2000) Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for What were some of the programs that were recruiting you?
Greg Thrasher: Some of the programs that recruited me are: Iowa, Nebraska, Tulsa, The University of Louisiana-Monroe, and Lehigh. What programs had offered you a scholarship?
Greg Thrasher: Navy was my first offer. I had scheduled official visits for the University of Louisiana @ Monroe (1/24/2003) and Tulsa (1/31/2003), but I cancelled them after my visit to the Naval Academy. I'm sure I would have gotten offers from them had I kept my visits scheduled. Iowa had me on their board until 1/22/2003, which is when I received a call from the coach letting me know that they had their DBs now. However, I was able to tell him that I had already committed to Navy. What are some of the reasons you chose Navy?
Greg Thrasher: I chose Navy because of the education I will receive. I'll have a guaranteed job when I graduate. I want to be a Navy pilot. Team unity is important, and I will have an opportunity to play as soon as I get to the academy. What coach recruited you for Navy?
Greg Thrasher: Coach Todd Spencer was my recruiting coach. He was by far the best recruiting coach to visit my house from the schools mentioned above. What are some of the things the Navy staff told you regarding your future role on the team?
Greg Thrasher: The Navy staff told me that they needed some defensive backs. Coach Green and Coach Jones told me they think I will be able to make an impact on the team. They want to be able to play Man-to-Man press coverage, which is what I do best. Please describe for us your greatest day as a football player while playing at the high school level.
Greg Thrasher: I have two games that stand out most, but my greatest game came in October of my senior year. I made 6 unassisted tackles and 1 interception. The interception was a diving interception in the end zone that prevented a touchdown. The reason this game was so special was because I had been dealing with some adversity and my faith was low. My dad talked to me about it, and he prayed that I would realize that I could do anything as long as I kept my faith. Needless to say, my performance in that game helped me restore my faith. How do you feel about playing in the annual Army-Navy football game?
Greg Thrasher: I'm looking forward to playing in the annual Army-Navy game. It's arguably the best rivalry game in college football. Will you play next season at the Academy or will you attend the prep school?
Greg Thrasher: As far as I know, I will be going to the Prep School. Coach Spencer said he would recommend that I go "Direct" to the academy, and he knows that I could make an immediate impact. However, after talking with my parents and the players on my visit, they said that going to prep school is what they would recommend. I believe Prep School is right for me also. I know I'm ready to play football right now, but I would rather attend the Prep School so that I can make a smooth transition from civilian life to the military life. Greg, thank you for your time. We wish you the best of luck in your Navy career.
Greg Thrasher: Thank you. Top Stories