Breaking News: Proctor to start Saturday

Junior quarterback Ricky Dobbs did not practice on Thursday and as a result, sophomore Kriss Proctor will start for the Mids against Wake Forest on Saturday. Dobbs has not been ruled out for the Temple game, and is still considered day-to-day. This will be Proctor's first career start.

Earlier in the week, I asked Navy offensive coordinator Ivin Jasper about the separation between Dobbs, who leads the country in scoring, and Proctor, who has been on the field for about 13 minutes of game-time, I expected to hear Jasper say there was a big difference. He didn't. In fact, Jasper believes that if Dobbs is unable to practice, he should not play.


"If Kriss practices all week and gets all the reps, he needs to start," said the second-year offensive coordinator. "That's not fair to the kid – if (Kriss) practices all week, he deserves to start."


And start he will. 


Of course allowing Proctor to get some playing time against Rice two weeks ago helped build Jasper's confidence in the sophomore. And in that game, Jasper said that he didn't hold back in what he asked the Big Bear City, California native to do.


"Kriss came in against Rice and played great. He was running the same stuff we were running all game long. He did great with his reads. He came in and had three touchdowns. I am very confident in Kriss," said Jasper.


 "Kriss is a natural option quarterback. He's the same as Kaipo was coming out of high school. He was coached by a guy who has been with the option for a long time. I can't coach a lot when it comes to option football. It's all about instincts. You have to have a feel about where a (defender) is going to go. Kaipo was real good at it. Ricky is getting better at it, and hopefully, if Kriss starts, you will see how good he is at it," continued Jasper.


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