Navy versus Georgia Tech - just for fun.

Since I will be in complete triple option denial this weekend with both Georgia Tech and Navy on bye weeks, I thought it would be a fun distraction to wonder what would happen if both teams played each other at Navy Marine Corps Stadium this Saturday. The number seven ranked Yellow Jackets (10-1) versus the 8-3 Midshipmen. Let the fun begin!

Note: This is all fiction and was written purely for entertainment purposes…


Pre-Game Hype

In a move that has shocked every Navy fan around the world, ESPN College Gameday announced on the Monday prior to the game that they will be in Annapolis this Saturday for the showdown between the professor, Paul Johnson and his pupil, Ken Niumatalolo. CBS Sports matched their rival's move and also announced that they would telecast the game across the country on their flagship network as well as on their college sports network.


Even though Georgia Tech still has to play Georgia and Navy still has its game against Army coming up, both teams are having no trouble getting fired up for this contest. And since this game is all happening in my triple-option obsessed brain, I've decided to throw out all the rules in the interviews leading up to the game.


The first shot comes from an unnamed Georgia Tech quarterback who was quoted by the Atlanta Journal Constitution as saying, "Ricky Dobbs is a good quarterback. He would probably get about 600 yards rushing and 200 yards passing if he had decided to come to Georgia Tech once Coach Johnson left Navy. Oh wait a minute; he'd be a back-up, so he probably wouldn't have even seen the field."


Of course the usually mild mannered Midshipmen had no problem responding to the Annapolis Capital about the fiery comments. "Who is Josh Nesbitt?" one Navy player was quoted as saying.


There were various reports out of Annapolis that a few Navy defensive players were running several extra laps after practice on Tuesday for his comeback, but everyone really wanted to know what Coach Niumatalolo thought about facing his mentor.


"Coach Johnson and I only disagreed about one thing while he was here, and that was whose idea it was to have a golf cart at practice. All I have to say is that I never sat in it. Do you see one out here now?"


Back in Atlanta, Paul Johnson addressed the media after practice on Wednesday, and for the first time all season he talked to them from a golf cart. "I like golf carts. I also like beating former schools where I coached. Any other questions?"


The Georgia Tech – Navy game, which was sold out before the Army-Navy game, was fetching over $200 a seat on The demand even allowed NAAA to announce for the first time that the grassy hill in the North End Zone would have restrictions in place on Saturday. No blankets over 2 feet by 2 feet would be allowed, and any attempt to use a blanket to save a spot on the grass would result in the immediate dismissal of the perpetrator.


There were also some media reports that the web site was planning on buying out all the tickets of any Navy fan who was seen sitting down during crucial third-down plays on old-game footage. One anonymous fan was even quoted as saying, "We plan on eradicating any fan who feels as though they have a right to sit down at anytime during this game. There will be no sitting down…not on my watch."


Game Day


Game Day arrives with all the fanfare that the ESPN crew brings with it. Nearly 2,000 Midshipmen flood Tecumseh Court two hours prior to the live telecast and they are ready for some football as evidenced by their non-stop "PeeeeeJayyyy" chants. (They are not affectionate chants…more like playful ribbing.) As the broadcast comes to a close, it is no surprise that Lee Corso dons his Navy bathrobe and Bill the Goat headgear to indicate that he thinks Navy will pull the upset. The Mids are 7-point underdogs by the way.


Almost an hour before the Brigade marches on to the field, Navy Marine Corps Stadium is already full…a site this Navy fan has never seen. Of course the Blue Angels cancelled their show in Pensacola to provide the fly-over for this game, so maybe that has something to do with the early arriving crowd.


It is estimated that about 5,000 Georgia Tech fans made the trip from Atlanta for the game and as expected both teams are greeted to thunderous applause as they take the field.


The coin toss takes place with very little suspense as regardless of who wins it, everybody knows that team will defer and take the ball in the second half. The Mids win the toss and do as expected. It will be Georgia Tech's ball to start the game.


First Quarter


As kicker Jon Teague approaches the ball, Navy Marine Corps Stadium is rocking like never before, but to the shock of the Georgia Tech return team, Navy coach Ken Niumatalolo pulls the first surprise of the game. It's an on-sides kick! And it's recovered by Navy special team standout, Bo Snelson. The Mids have the ball at their own 42 yard-line! CBS cameras zoom in on Tech's Johnson who is slinging some spit into 2 different Tech players at the same time because they back-peddled on the front line prior to the ball being kicked.


On first down, Navy quarterback Ricky Dobbs goes back to pass and it fools nobody. In fact Tech had three guys covering slot back Bobby Doyle over the middle…cameras now focus on Niumatalolo as viewers can obviously distinguish that he just said, "Game on, Paul…game on."


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