O'Hara's Huf is Firmly Committed

Navy fans received an early Christmas present on Tuesday when Springfield (Pa.) Cardinal O'Hara linebacker Mike Huf committed to play for the Midshipmen. Huf, who also sported offers from Syracuse and Akron, made First Team All-Catholic League last season, and recently sat down with GoMids.com to talk about his commitment.

At 6-foot-3, 235-pounds, Huf is an imposing physical force on the gridiron. Playing as both an inside linebacker and tight end for O'Hara, the Drexel Hill, PA native helped to lead his team to an 8-3 record this past season. Committing to Navy shortly after the Army-Navy game, Huf reported that he will be heading to Annapolis as a direct-entry recruit, and is looking forward to his career as a Midshipman. Here's what else he had to say in regards to his collegiate decision.


GoMids.com: First off, congratulations on choosing to continue your football career in Annapolis. I know many Navy fans are ecstatic over your commitment. Can you tell us when and why you decided to make the commitment?


Mike Huf: I am so excited and honored to even be considered for the chance to play ball for the Academy. I was offered by Navy on Oct. 28th and from then on have had my main focus set on them. I have all the respect in the world for the military. The football program, and the opportunities that this academy will bring me during the rest of my life are what made my decision an easy one.


GoMids.com: You had offers from Syracuse and Akron. What made Navy stand apart from those two schools?


Mike Huf: Other schools do not have the spirit and brotherhood like Navy does. Navy also guarantees me a great job and that is a huge plus.


GoMids.com: Were you in contact with either of Navy's rival service academies, Army and Air Force? If so, what made Navy standout above them?


Mike Huf: I was not in contact with other academies.


GoMids.com: I understand you attended the Army-Navy game in your hometown of Philadelphia. What was that game like for you as a recruit?


Mike Huf: The Army Navy game was a great experience. The atmosphere was crazy. When Navy walked slowly onto the field with their heads down and the leading guys holding the American flags it gave me the chills and I knew at that moment that Navy was the team I wanted to be on.


GoMids.com: How much did Navy's success on the field both this year and in recent seasons play into your decision?


Mike Huf: Honestly the recent success of the team did not play a huge role in my decision. It was more the coaches, the atmosphere of the academy itself and the games that I attended. I just got a vibe that it was the right place to be.


GoMids.com: The Navy program has really worked to boost its exposure on a national level over the past several seasons. From signing a TV deal with CBS College Sports, to producing weekly highlight films that are shown on Faceback, to playing with nationally-ranked teams like Ohio State, the program has come a long way from its 0-10 season in 2001. Did any of those efforts help attract you to the program?


Mike Huf: Navy is a great program that is going to get better and better and I am excited to have the opportunity to be a part of the team.


GoMids.com: What do you think about the Navy coaches? Which assistant recruited you? Were you recruited exclusively as an inside linebacker?


Mike Huf: The Navy coaches are great guys. Throughout the whole process they were very straight up with me and I respect that a lot. I was recruited by coach Pehrson as an inside LB.

GoMids.com:  I understand you have some family history with the military, with your grandfather having served in the Navy. What role did that have in your decision and what do you expect to get out of the Navy experience?


Mike Huf: My grandfather was in the Navy and my uncle is an officer in the reserves. Talking with them and hearing about their experiences really helped since I look up to them a lot. The Academy is going to give me life lessons and opportunities to be successful in life.

GoMids.com:  Navy has developed a real tradition at the linebacker position in recent years. Have you had a chance to watch any of the teams' current linebackers play, and have you spoken with any of them?


Mike Huf: The LB's are real solid players. Pospisil is a player I paid a lot of attention to and notice his leadership and quick reads, which are two important qualities of a LB.

GoMids.com: Are you 100% committed to the Academy at this point, or will you listen to others schools that may continue to show interest?


Mike Huf: I am committed to the academy and am very excited.


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