Ten Resolutions for 2010

Every year I put together a list of New Year's resolutions and every year I fail miserably to accomplish most of them. As a matter of fact, it would probably be more accurate to call this compilation a wish list. Either way, here in no particular order are ten things that I'd love to be able to say I did when the calendar turns to 2011. Hopefully I can do at least one of them.

1. Get to know some of Navy's 28 other varsity sports a little bit better. I spend most of my free time concentrating on the football team, but as I found out last year when I put together a ranking of Navy sports teams, there are a lot of other good ones. And I'm sure most of these other sports have a lot of great stories to be told within them. I'd like to add a resolution for more time to do this, but I know that will never happen.


2. Try not to watch every Georgia Tech football game. Some of my biggest fans on GoMids.com (you know who you are) love to give me a tough time about my obsession with another college football team and their coach (what's his name again?). It was definitely a drain on my Saturday schedule in 2009 to try and watch every Yellow Jackets game on top of every Navy football game. It did help that Tech had some Thursday games to start the season, but at some point, you'd think I'd let go. This is another tough one, because I'm also going to want to watch Georgia Southern games too…if they are even televised.


3. Plan the Third Annual GoMids.com Spring Tailgate Party. This is a no-brainer, but it still takes a significant amount of work to pull it off. It is my hope that this year we can do a better job of marketing it to the parents of the players. If anyone has any suggestions on how to reach out to them, please let me know. A lot of them attend this game and it would be a good way to bring them into the GoMids.com audience. Of course they are not allowed to brag about their kids without backing it up with statistics and hard facts on the message boards.


4. Plan no vacations or anniversaries during Navy football games. I missed the Notre Dame victory while I was at Disney World with the family and was half-watching the bowl game because it fell on my wedding anniversary. I think the Poinsettia Bowl is before New Year's Eve, so that should take care of the later. And as for the former, I just don't think it's fair to have family vacations in back-to-back football seasons. I might be able to do it every other season, but that's it. I need my Navy football…it's like oxygen.


5. Write a story about a former Navy football player who is serving in Afghanistan. It would be great if I did this writing gig full-time because I'd find a way to work with the Department of the Navy to get over there and do the story in person. I think it is one thing to hear every year about the sacrifices that these players are about to make, but a whole better one to actually see it with your own eyes. I read recently that Aaron Polanco is flying helicopters in Afghanistan. That would be a pretty powerful piece I should probably look into.


6. Come up with a Beat Air Force t-shirt and sell it on GoMids.com. I've thought for several years now that this would be a big hit and something we could offer at a recession-friendly price. I have never seen one offered on a Navy site and I know I'd where it to the gym. Heck, if GoMids.com was able to advertise at NMCS, I'd try to find a way to print 30,000 of them for a ‘white-out' game against the Zoomies in 2011.


7. Ok, I know I said I would try to write more about non-football sports, but here is another resolution about football. I'd really like to host some kind of town hall style meeting on what to do about the whole fan experience inside of Navy Marine Corps Memorial Stadium. Our team deserves more than a few thousand fans standing and yelling for them during home games, and there has got to be a few creative ways to make this happen. I'd love to see GoMids.com be able to bring together an NAAA rep, an alumni rep, a few rabid fans, and maybe a few big sponsors to brainstorm the issue. Sure, fans have a right to be quiet during games if they want to, but every effort should be made to make them feel like silence isn't golden.


8. Make it through an entire Navy basketball game with my five-year-old daughter, Lanie. Last year, we made it through half-time and then it was time to go. Anyone with young kids knows what I mean when I say, "it was time to go." It's just tough with the 7 p.m. start times with a child who has decided that she no longer needs to take a nap. Of course I have absolutely no hope of actually watching the game because we would probably be chasing Bill the Goat around Alumni Hall, but it would still be nice to actually make it to Blue and Gold. I am thinking that the January 23 game against Army might be my best shot since it starts at noon. Unless of course we can make it to the Holy Cross game on February 17 because that is when Mascot Mayhem is held – that was popular with Lanie last year.


9. Get a ride in a Navy aircraft for a fly-over before a football game. This is on my list every year. I figure if Devin Setoguchi can get a lift with the Blue Angels then maybe there is hope for me. Any dream I had of flying after graduating from Annapolis was doomed when my father told me when I was applying to the Naval Academy that I had significant depth perception problems that might prevent me from even getting into the school. I somehow managed to still get in, but people laughed at my medical record when I even suggested the possibility of flying. However, I can still qualify for a back-seat ride in something fast for say a fly-over. I think I might just have to pass some kind of swim test…no problem there...I'll know where the end of the pool is when I hit it with my head.


10. Encourage more friendly debate on the GoMids.com message boards. Navy fans all like to talk about how the Academy is different, and yes, even better than most other schools because of (insert your own patriotic reason here). Well this should carry over to the most popular place for Navy fans to gather and discuss sports on the internet. Navy fans should be able to have respectful debates without making them personal. Everybody should feel welcome to post their thoughts here and everybody should get a chance to have their say without fear of the silent few lashing out on them in a sorry attempt for attention. It would be nice for more posts to start with, "I see your point, but have you considered…" instead of "You're an idiot and here is why."

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