Warrick, Zapata Shine in 2nd Scrimmage

For the second Saturday in a row, Navy's defense dominated the football scrimmage leaving many questions for Navy's offense heading into the final week of spring practice. GoMids.com's David Ausiello was there and broke down every series with the notable plays and the players who caught his attention.

Pre-Scrimmage Observations


-  The crowd is significantly smaller than the previous Saturday with perhaps 100 or so fans in attendance.


-  The weather is nice with temperatures in high 50's/low 60's and winds gusting to about 25 mph.


-  Prior to the kick-off, the stadium speakers are blaring what sounds like jet engine noise. I am thinking that they will be using that to simulate crowd noise. Good for the players, but a bit annoying for the several dozen fans.


-  The blue team (or offense) is on the far side of the stadium and is led by offensive coordinator Ivin Jasper; whereas the white team (defense) is on the home side and led by defensive coordinator Buddy Green. I am pretty sure this is the first scrimmage where both sidelines are being used. Head coach Ken Niumatalolo is roaming around the field and it looks like he will be staying behind the offense for the most part.


Opening Kick-offs


-  Gary Myers and Gee Gee Greene are deep to return the first kick-off.  Return is uneventful.


-  Second kick-off (for practice) is returned to the 33-yard line by Alexander Teich. He showed a good burst of speed and I actually thought he made it to the 38-yard line but the refs blew it dead earlier.

First Series


-   The speakers are playing jet noise as the team comes to the line of scrimmage. Hopefully it is only for the first series.


-  Eric Douglass is called for an obvious holding penalty which nullified about a 35-yard run by Proctor…who takes a hit at the end of the play. I didn't think that was allowed …I'll ask about that later.


- Matt Warrick makes a nice play in the backfield and again Proctor takes a good licking. I guess QBs, even in their green jerseys, are getting hit today.


- Warrick again with a nice stop. Who is this kid? (Turns out he is a sophomore who was just moved to OLB a few days ago).

- Warrick makes another stop, cementing himself as an All-American candidate, well, at least for this scrimmage.


- Proctor tries a reverse to a WR (who I could not identify) and it just does not work. Proctor waited too long or the WR never got going…Big loss on the play.


- Proctor hits Gee Gee Greene over the middle with what appeared to be a new route for a slot back. It was a three-step drop, quick pass just behind the line of scrimmage. Well, it looked new to me. Best play so far of the series.


- Warrick with a sack. He is unblockable.


Second Series


-  Tyler Lynch is at quarterback and Delvin Diggs is at fullback.


-  Good stop by Collin Sturdivant (sophomore linebacker).


- Another tackle by Sturdivant.


- Fourth and one and Diggs could not get the first down. The defense is in total control.


- Stukel enters the scrimmage and gets his first carry…and is immediately dropped for a loss.


- Andrew Sharp sacks Lynch and that gets Niumatalolo off his rocker…he is laying into the line pretty good.


-  Sturdivant is doing his best Matt Warrick impression. I don't think he has been blocked the whole series.


- Niumatalolo is absolutely livid with the offense. I am thinking they might want to start playing that jet noise AFTER plays to drown out what the coach is saying. It is U-G-L-Y…not his words, just his offense's play.


Third Series


-  Travis Keating is at quarterback…will it matter?


-  Nice 11-yard run by David Zapata.


-  Kevin Eckel is at fullback…he looks like a slot back to me but roster says he is 6-1.


-  Keating fumbles the ball after getting smacked (QBs are still getting hit) and then he gets to hear Niumatalolo say, "Hold on to the (inaudible) ball." Where is that jet noise when you need it?

-  It feels like plebe summer for the offense.


-  Lynch hits Darin Hess with a pass for a first down.


-  Good catch by Zapata; gets hit hard by Conor Hozey.


-  Nice block by Zapata on somebody.


-  Zapata and Garrett Sherwood get into a skirmish…I think Sherwood didn't like the block.


-  Penalty flags fly as Niumatalolo takes dead aim at Sherwood. Finally, Niumatalolo has a reason to yell at the defense. He kicks "Woody" off the field and then tells the referees that the penalty is on the defense. Pointing that out was pretty funny.


-  Another good catch by Zapata. Ball is inside the ten…Keating was looking for Zapata the whole time.


- Niumatalolo calls for the FG unit. Joe Buckley nails a 25-yarder.


- After the FG, Niumatalolo finds Sherwood for a little teaching moment that ends with him saying, "Get your butt back in the huddle after the whistle is blown."



-  Myers returns the first one.


-  John Howell returns the second one…a line drive that he runs up and catches and makes a decent return.


Fourth Series


-  Proctor back at QB.


-  9-yard pass to Greg Jones.


-  Another pass complete, this one to Doug Furman. (Both passes were defended by Corey James)


-  Holding on Matt Molloy.


-  Teich is running hard.


-  Great catch by Bo Snelson – highlight of the day so far…it was a sideline, over the shoulder catch.


Fifth Series


-  Tyler Lynch at QB.


-  Matt Warrick makes another tackle.


-  Offense is awful.


Sixth Series


-  Keating back at QB.


-  Jarred Mack at FB.


-  Good catch by Zapata.


-  Sack by Ryan Paulson and Adam Johnson. So much for taking it easy on the QB.


-  Johnson with another tackle.


Seventh Series


-  Niumatalolo addressed both sidelines before this series. I couldn't make out what he said, but it got both sides jumping around a bit. And here comes the first team offense with Vince Murray at FB for the first time.


-  Offsides by the offense. Nimutalolo rips into the line judge for the call, telling him that the lineman moved to protect himself. Niumatalolo gave the ref one of those ‘ah, you are awful' waves of the hand. Crowd thought that was funny.


-  Good run by Gee Gee Greene…maybe the offense is waking up.


-  False start by Josh Cabral…which gets him booted off the field.


-  Good run by Snelson. He always runs with a purpose.


-  Good tackle in the backfield by Max Blue.


-  Santiago and Snelson seem to be getting most of the snaps with the first team offense.


-  Jon Teague hits a 37-yard field goal that would have been good from at least 50 yards with the wind at his back.


Eighth Series


-  Keating at QB.


-  Keating gets mashed by Jared Marks. Somebody behind me makes a comment about how big Marks is. I look on my roster to see that he is listed at 6-5, 301. WOW.


-  Fumble by John Howell…who limps off the field.


-  Big hit by Sturdivant.


Ninth Series


-  Keating still at QB.


-  Zapata with a big run…he has got to be one of the fastest kids on the team.


-  Good block by Zapata. I'll admit that I was watching just him on that play.


- Half-back pass to nobody…not sure who threw it, but it was about 20 yards over everybody's head.


-  Keating tries a pass…it wasn't pretty.


Tenth Series


-  Keating still at quarterback.


-  Somebody fumbles. Somebody gets yelled at.




David is scheduled to be at the Blue-Gold game on Friday night. If you have a certain player that you want him to follow throughout the game or interview after the game send him an email at offtheyard@gmail.com and he will do his best.

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