Husker commitment waiting for shot

There are going to be three huge voids to fill on the Nebraska depth chart next year that will be created when two players graduate. Those two players are Alex Henery and Adi Kunalic. Both are about the best in the business in their area of kicking and if Niklas Sade has anything to say about it he'd like to win two of the jobs or possibly three.

Some teams don't have their first games until this weekend. Some teams have one or two games under their belts, but Niklas Sade and Raleigh (N.C.) Wakefield have three under theirs.

"We have had three games," Sade said. "We started a couple of weeks before school started actually. We are 3-0 and I have been doing good."

Sade is off to a good start like his team. He's just about perfect in all areas. He's only missed two touchbacks, no PATs and hasn't missed a field goal yet. Then again, he hasn't attempted one either.

"I have been doing well on my touchbacks. I think that I have missed two touchbacks is all. I have made all my PATs. I haven't had a field goal attempt yet. It's been kind of weird.

"Our offense is good and when we get in range one of a few things happens. We either score, get a penalty that puts us out of range or turn it over. We haven't had one chance for a field goal."

Sade is an accomplished kicker already, but he spent a lot of time working this summer on his technique. He particularly wanted to work on his kick offs.

"I was really trying to keep improving on my kickoffs and touchbacks. I have been working on my steps on my kickoffs and it's getting a lot better for me."

This past weekend was the start to the college football season and Sade is fired up about being a future Husker. He didn't see the game this weekend, but tracked it the best he could.

"I can't wait to get to Nebraska. I didn't see them this weekend. I followed them as best as I could. It was looking good on my tracker. I think that the door is wide open for them this season."

With Alex Henery and Adi Kunalic both graduating next year the jobs for kickoff kicker, punter and field goal/PAT kicker will all be open for competition. Sade has his eyes on two of the jobs and possibly all three.

"I am definitely going to concentrate on winning the job on kickoffs and field goals. But, if the job is open for punter then I will try for that too.

"I don't punt for our school because our blocking has been questionable and last year I would get hit every play. I work on it at practice and let someone else do it in a game."

Sade has a weekend in mind for his official visit, but it's not set yet. It will be the last scheduled game for Nebraska in the Big 12 conference play unless they make it to Dallas for the Big 12 Championship.

"I am thinking about taking my trip to Nebraska for the Colorado game. My season will be over by then, but we'll see. It's the best time to visit for me.

"I want to concentrate on my season and visit when I can, but it's a big game for Nebraska playing Colorado one last time before going to the Big 10."


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