Huskers in the hunt?

If there is one thing that the 2010 season has already shown is that Nebraska is pretty thin at the linebacker position. It wasn't in Nebraska's plans to lose their two starters for a period of time, one for the season, and when they did two players were thrust into action that hadn't started before. That might be why Nebraska is still after this linebacker.

The Huskers secured a commitment from linebacker David Santos at the end of July, but injuries to Sean Fisher and Will Compton were yet to come. It has exposed a deficiency of adequate depth at the linebacker position to some extent.

That's why when Big Red Report learned that Keeon Virgile from North Miami Beach (Flor.) was still getting recruited by Nebraska that it didn't come as much surprise. Virgile got a call from Nebraska earlier this week.

"Coach Tim Beck called me the other night," Virgile said. "I missed his call at first and I called him back. We talked for a while about recruiting. I also spoke to Coach Mike Ekeler.

"It was a good conversation. He told me that I am one of two linebackers he is recruiting out of Florida. He also said that he wants to get me up for a visit during the season, but I doubt that."

It's not just a visit to Nebraska that Virgile doubts he will take, but it's anyone thinking that he will visit them during the season. Virgile is focused on the task at hand.

"It's going to have to wait until after the season. I want to be focused on the season right now. I am not setting up any visits during the season as of right now."

North Miami Beach is off to a 1-1 start and Virgile has seen the hard work he has put in this summer has been paying off. A running back he has already faced didn't seem as fast to him as touted.

"We have been doing good. Our first game we played against a running back that was supposed to be really fast, but I didn't think that he was that fast.

"The people were telling me that he ran a 4.29/40. That is what it said in the papers too. He wasn't that fast at all. I think that is because I am a lot quicker now."

The quickness is due to work. While lifting weights wasn't an every day deal for Virgile running was. Running was every day regardless of any other work.

"We have been running like crazy this summer. We lift weights every other day and run every day. We run regardless. We run every day of the week."

North Miami Beach did lose in the second game and Virgile admits he knows what the problem is. His team is strong up the middle against the run, but around the outside needs some help.

"We did lose the second game. We lost 27-14. I had about five tackles, but I don't think that I played very well in the game. I could have done better.

"I am finding out that a lot of teams are running away from me. They are going nowhere when they challenge the middle of the field, but we have been losing contain on the outside."

Virgile is probably his toughest critic. He doesn't know what his stats or season totals are so far this year, but he gives himself a barely passing grade because he expects perfection.

"I don't know how many tackles I have had this year, but I would give myself about a C; probably a low C so far. The reason is because no one should get past me."

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