Big 12 Teleconference Notes

Check out some notes from today's teleconference as Bo answers questions from the media about anything ranging from the penalties and what is acceptable to Washington quarterback Jake Locker.

  • On Taylor's second week Bo said that he did some good things. In regard to his improvement, Bo said that he's more comfortable in the passing game and what they are asking him to do.
  • Revisiting Martinez winning the job, Bo said at the end of camp Taylor was the guy they felt gave them the best opportunity to win. He said they held off on deciding a long time, but he said it was pretty obvious in the end.
  • On defending Jake Locker, Bo said that he can beat you in a lot of different ways. "Someone who is as athletic as he is and still can throw the way he can – that's unusual these days," Pelini said. As far as defensive responsibilities for a quarterback like that, Bo said that you have to rush with lane discipline, but you also have to get pressure.
  • On the loss of Asante and O'Hanlon and the safety play this year, Bo said that he's seeing a lot of positives. He said they are deep there, have a lot of options and can do a number of things.
  • On the penalties, Texas Head Coach Mack Brown had made a comment about some of the best teams are often also some of the most penalized, because it showed aggression. Bo said that some of the penalties against Idaho were bad decisions, but he said some weren't. "A lot of times it was guys trying to be aggressive or guys trying to make an extra block. And that's a positive," he said. "You have to know when to and when not to. You kind of coach right up until (the line), and just keep educating them. And as time goes on they make better decisions."
  • On comment he made in the preseason about how this defense could be better than last season's. "I said I think we have the potential to be as good if not better than we were last year," he said. "We're not there yet, but it's only week two. I think we have potential. We have more depth, more numbers. It's a matter of what we do with that potential."
  • On Nebraska offense resembling Oregon and if there was a plan to steer the Husker offense in a similar direction when he arrived at Nebraska, Bo said that he wasn't trying to imitate Oregon, but he could see aspects of what they do in what Nebraska does now. "It wasn't like we looked at Oregon and said we wanted to be Oregon," he said. "But I think there are some things that are similar, but I think there are a lot of differences too."

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