Injuries for NU commitments

People will say that injuries are just part of the game of football. It's something that you have to leave up to fate when it comes to stepping onto the gridiron. However, you just hope not having to deal with them particularly in non-league or to have a more serious injury that is season ending. Two Husker commitments have been dealing with recent injuries and both are on the road to recovery.

The latest injury to a 2010 commitment for Nebraska is to Daniel Davie. Davie, an athlete from Beatrice (Nebr.) that is being looked at to play wide receiver or safety and should play on special teams, suffered his injury last week during practice.

"I dislocated my shoulder last week," Davie said. "It wasn't in a game though. It was either Tuesday or Wednesday when we were in practice. We were just going through a little drill, doing some hitting and I didn't think anything of it.

"My coaches didn't want me to do the drill and I just kind of took the ball and I went. A guy caught me right on my shoulder with his helmet. I dislocated it to the front and I missed the game this past week."

Davie says that the injury is a lot better. Davie isn't dealing with any pain right now and got a brace. As a precaution his coach is insisting on medical clearance from a doctor before returning to the field.

"It's looking good right now. I don't have any pain. It's not feeling awkward, tight or anything. I did get a brace for it. I wore that at practice, but I am waiting to take contact on the shoulder again. My coach wants me to get cleared to play.

"I feel good though. I feel like I am 100%. Before it hurt to even run, but it feels good now with the time off. We will just have to see how it goes from here to see if I can get cleared to play this week or not."

Daniel Davie

Davie was at the home opener for Nebraska against Western Kentucky, but had to miss the game this past weekend because of the ACT. He read up on the game as best as he could.

"I actually didn't see the game. I had the ACT this weekend so I just read the game summary and saw some highlights. I heard the defense showed up, but I heard that there were some mistakes."

One thing that Davie is struggling with a bit is figuring out which side of the ball he would like to play on. Davie used to have a preference to play defense, but that seems to have died down some. Then again, big performances like a five interception performance last week re-kindles it to some extent.

"It's hard, definitely, just thinking about which position I want to play in college. It's hard in high school too because my coach has been getting me the ball so much this year that I haven't been playing a lot of defense.

"I did hurt my shoulder before and because of that he's held me out of playing time on defense. When I played defense though I had a big game; I had an interception, a couple of pass breakups and eight or nine tackles.

"It's real hard to judge what position is best for me in college, but its win-win. Its college football and it will be at Nebraska. In the end it probably won't matter as much as thinking about it."

Davie said that he is interested in seeing Nebraska take on a tougher opponent this weekend in Washington. It might be a better measuring stick for Nebraska to get into a hostile environment and really test the team.

"I think that it's going to be a big test for our offense as well as our defense. You still have that new quarterback playing on the road against a tougher team. And on defense, Jake Locker is just so talented."

The second injury that was suffered by a Nebraska commitment came in the first week of play, albeit almost at the end of the game, for Aaryn Bouzos from La Mirada (Calif.). Besides trying to come back from an injury there is an effort to get an official visit set up to Nebraska as well by Aaryn and his father.

"I know that he's trying to set that up," Aaryn Bouzos father said. "I know that it's difficult to reach the coaches during the season, but we are definitely trying to set that up right now.

"I think that we have our bye on October 16th, which is Texas, and we wanted to be there for that game. That would be phenomenal. Of course that's the weekend to be there."

The trip to Nebraska will be the first for Aaryn and his father. For obvious reasons because of the opponent, Mr. Bouzos knows that there is a preference by Aaryn to be in Lincoln that weekend to see the Texas game.

"We've never been there. He wants to go and see Texas. It's a big game, nationally televised. I told him that I just needed to see what I can do to get a ticket to go with him."

While there is an effort being made to get the official visit set up there is also an effort being made to come back from injury. Bouzos is back on it and could make a return this weekend, but it's looking more like next weekend.

"He had an injury. There was two minutes left in the first game of the year when he caught a slant pass across the middle and made a move on the safety. He hyperextended his knee a little bit.

"He's fine. He should be back not this week, but next week. We are just taking our time with the injury. He actually probably could come back this week, but since we are not in league yet they are letting him heal."

The severity of the injury might have been a little overblown because of the fact that Aaryn left the field that game on a stretcher. According to his father Aaryn said he could walk off, but it was safer for him to do it this way to possibly prevent further damage.

"It was a minor knee injury although it probably did seem worse at first when he was taken off the field on a stretcher. He said that he could walk, but I didn't want him taking that risk.

"It's a minor sprain and a bone bruise. The two bones came together and hit causing the bruise. It's what they are calling an encapsulated knee sprain. He's already running on it. He was running on it today."

La Mirada is winless so far this year, but had things gone differently in the first game for Bouzos he could have tied the game up on the play which he was hurt. Up to that point he had an impact on offense, defense and special teams.

"We are 0-2. The first game we lost 17-24, I think. On that play where Aaryn gets hurt, if his knee doesn't hyperextend, he's gone and it's a much closer game. He had 200 all purpose yard and 10 tackles to that point.

"He had a great game. He's playing free safety and wide receiver. He had something like 113 yards receiving and 90 some yards on returns. He doesn't come off the field unless it's kickoff and punt. That's it."

While Bouzos is playing safety in high school he's being recruited to play cornerback at the next level and as well he should. According to his father there is a need for Aaryn at safety because he can influence a bigger part of the game and help a young group of cornerbacks.

"Nebraska is looking at him as a cornerback and he should be looked to play that position. It will be corner or I know that Nebraska runs a lot of five DB sets so he could go over the slot or just line up as a corner.

"That's probably his natural position at the next level. At the end of the summer he was clocked at a 4.49. He's fast enough, big enough and strong enough to play the position. Right now the best spot for him is safety because he can support the run as a solid tackler and get deep enough on pass coverage."

Through all of this Aaryn is in good spirits. He knows that he is getting close to getting back on the field and that the games that he has missed won't have anything to do with making the playoffs.

"Things are fine," Aaryn said. "I was on it today doing some running and doing some drills. I have been doing some things with my trainer too. Everything seems to be fine. At least it wasn't during league play."


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