Speed Kills

There really isn't a lot of room left in the 2011 class for Nebraska so with so much time left in the season and before signing day Nebraska will be looking to host some top talent in the nation. One of those players that is set to visit Nebraska at an upcoming game heard that Nebraska had five interceptions this past weekend and said, "That's what's up!"

Fort Worth (Flor.) Dillard is off to a .500 start right now, but that's not the fault of Wayne Lyons. Technically there have been three games already, but only two count towards the final season record.

"We're 1-1 right now," Lyons said. "We have only played two season games. We played a pre-season game which we won, but that doesn't count towards our record."

Now to the why it's not the fault of Wayne Lyons. Basically, teams avoid him, period. If Lyons is around the ball he's usually had to come from across the field to get into the play.

"Teams don't even throw the ball my way. If I am in on the play I have to come all the way across the field. I am playing safety and nickel, but no cornerback."

This game is a game about speed and Lyons knows that. He spent the summer working on his feet and going through speed drills to try and improve his speed.

"I wanted to really work on my speed and get faster; speed kills. I was really working on my footwork, working a lot of drills and doing a lot of speed training over the summer. It's panned out so far."

Lyons has recently trimmed down his list and you'll get an idea by the names on the list that there isn't a strong desire to necessarily stay close to home. Lyons list of favorites looks like a shot gun blast.

"I have cut down my list. My list right now would be Notre Dame, UCLA, Nebraska, Stanford, Florida, Miami, Tennessee and Auburn. I am looking for the atmosphere of the football team and academics."

There is an official visit set up by Lyons to see Nebraska later in October when they take on a Big 12 opponent. Lyons is going up there to see the game and how the fans behave.

"I set up a visit to Nebraska. I am going in October when they play Missouri. I want to see how their fans are at a home game, check out the atmosphere, check out the campus and see how people react to their football team."

The Nebraska defensive performance this past weekend was fun to watch and Lyons had heard about the number of interceptions Nebraska had. "I heard that they had five interceptions this past weekend. That's what's up."


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