Boehm sees Lincoln

There have been some changes around how and when juniors will pick up their official offers, but Evan Boehm doesn't mind. He has been extended five verbal offers and has already been to see two of those teams in action this year and plans to see two more in future weeks. Who are the five teams to offer this standout junior and who has he visited?

Evan Boehm and Lee's Summit (Mo.) West are off to a perfect start, but have a big game this weekend. It's a big game after a long and exhausting weekend last weekend.

"The season is going good," Boehm said. "We are 3-0 and have a big game coming up against Blue Springs South. Last week we went through a very long game and weekend.

"We started playing around 5:30. We played a quarter and a half then got delayed. We got through the rest of the second quarter, half-time and most of the third quarter before getting delayed again.

"The game was supposed to start at 7:00 anyway and they moved it up to start an hour and a half earlier to try and get it in. We waited around from 6:30 until 10:30 trying to finish it up that night.

"We didn't get back out on the field that night. We got there at 2:30 that afternoon and didn't leave until 10:30 that night, didn't get home until 11:30. We went back to the school at 6:30 that morning to head back to North Kansas City for 40 more minutes of football."

Boehm says it's too early to go patting himself on the back for any off-season achievements, but says that the team has improved as a whole. He wants to play his game the way it should be played.

"It's early in the season. There have been improvements across the board for everyone on our football team. The things I am looking for from me is getting to the backers faster, not letting anyone touch my quarterback and play the game how I want to play it. That is rough, tough, but fair."

As of this year, juniors can't get offers on September 1. They can be extended an offer verbally, but Boehm doesn't think that he can get a written offer until August of next year.

"I am still holding onto five offers. They are from Nebraska, Oklahoma, Missouri, Iowa and Kansas. I don't think that I can get written offers until August 1 of my senior year now with the new NCAA rule."

Boehm has already been to see one of the five teams that have verbally offered him. He was pretty blown away with the environment that night. He thinks that it had a lot to do with the new quarterback and the return of a certain defensive lineman.

"I went up to Nebraska the first week against Western Kentucky. It was unbelievably loud. I think it was part to do with Taylor Martinez. He's a stud. Once the fans saw him they really got fired up.

"Their defense is great again. Ndamukong Suh was there and I think that had something to do with the crowd. They would all stand up and roar for him when he was walking around."

Boehm has also been to see the in-state school recently and wants to make plans to see two other schools that have offered. The plans aren't usually made too far in advance so it's tough to tell week to week if he will be visiting anywhere.

"I went to Missouri last weekend. I am going to try and make it to Oklahoma and possibly Iowa to see a game too. We are still talking about taking other trips.

"It's kind of tough to do because my brother plays on Saturdays in his league. Ever chance we get though we pack up and go. We just don't know where and when until after the game, when my dad is watching film and after my brother's game."


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