Reeves and Crete are rolling

Ryne Reeves is going to be a center for Nebraska when he gets to Lincoln. Until this year though, he only played some spot duty on defense, but this summer was about getting into the kind of shape to play both ways the whole game. Reeves and Crete (Nebr.) are three games in, perfect through three, and he's anchoring both sides of the line all the time.

Even on bad nights for Crete (Nebr.) they are still pretty good. Ryne Reeves said that last week wasn't a great night offensively, but they still put up 21 points and threw a shut out.

"It's going pretty good for us right now," Reeves said. "We are 3-0. We won last week. We beat Waverly. We didn't play very well offensively, but we won."

Reeves wanted to work on getting in the type of shape you need to be in to play both sides of the ball. It's pretty clear that he did a good job at that during the off-season.

"I think that I am where I need to be to play both ways from a conditioning standpoint. We kind of got out of our rotation this past week because I basically played the whole game on both sides.

"I don't think that I really came off of the field at all. It wasn't really anything that I did personally; it was a conscious effort by our team to be in shape for the season.

"Two days a week we would have our conditioning with weights and then there was a day that was dedicated to speed. That was all summer long. We also ran a lot in camp."

Reeves has been present for the first two games in Lincoln. He definitely noted a difference in environment between the first and second games, but thinks that had a lot to do with start time.

"I went to the first two home games this season for Nebraska. It was pretty crazy that first week. It was a little more dialed down for an early game against Idaho."

This offense has really started to open up and Reeves is a big fan of it. He's also a big fan of one of the biggest reasons why the Nebraska offense is rolling.

"I like the direction that the offense is going. I like Taylor Martinez under center and what he does. He's pretty incredible. I haven't had a chance to talk to him too much."

This past weekend in Lincoln was the first chance for Reeves to talk to a future team mate. He still talks to two of his fellow future O-Lineman quite often and is talking to the two quarterbacks from time to time.

"This past weekend was the first time I spoke with Zach Sterup at all. I talk to Ryan Klachko and Tyler Moore probably twice a week or so. We're pretty tight.

"I talked to Bubba Starling during the first game when he was there for the game. I talk to Jamal Turner over Facebook and I think that he'll be here for Texas."

Reeves will have to watch the Huskers from home this weekend, but he has plans to do it with friends. He plans on being in Lincoln for every home game and has his official visit picked out.

"I think that we will win this weekend. I am excited to watch the game on TV with some friends this week. I plan on being at every home game. I think that I will take my official for Missouri with Klachko. Wayne Lyons will be here that weekend too."

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