Klachko ready to see Big Red in action

Off to a 3-0 start this season, Ryan Klachko and his Sacred Heart Griffin teammates have blown out the competition by a combined score of 141-27. But this week the opposition's talent level will rise, when they take on Rochester, who comes in undefeated. He'll also get his first chance of the year to see the Huskers on television. Ryan talks about that in this latest update from Big Red Report.

Hey Ryan, how have you been since last we spoke?

"I've been doing great Kevin, I can't complain. I just got home from practice a little while ago. Our season has gone good so far, and I'm just hoping that continues this weekend. This game coming up will be one of our biggest of the year."

Yeah, I hear you guys are taking on Rochester on Friday, they look pretty good this year too.

"They have a couple of big boys playing for them, but I think we are going to get them. I'm not saying they aren't good, because they are. I just like where we are as a team right now, we're playing good right now. This is our homecoming too, so guys have a lot to play for.

"Nike is sponsoring it, and the Nike people have been here all week too. They are giving us some equipment to try out in the game and stuff, like new gloves, things like that. Also, all the local news people have been around here this week, it's a big game."

And interestingly enough, he'll be going head-to-head against a player he could be battling later down the road in college as well.

"I'm playing tackle on offense this year, and they have this 6-foot-7 DE (Riley McMinn) that's committed to Iowa. They have other players with a few offers, but he is their top guy. I'm looking forward to the matchup, and if you think about it, with Nebraska going to the Big Ten, I'll probably see this guy again at some point. So maybe I can also learn a few things this weekend that could help me later, if we see each other again.

"I can't wait for the game, I'm ready to play right now."

Ryan has also continued to stay in touch with other Husker commits, in efforts to build a bond before they even step foot on campus together.

"We are all so cool with each other. I'm always on Facebook with the guys. Jamal Turner, Reeves and Moore, and then you have big-ole Zach Sterup, man that kid is huge. I thought all of us other guys were big, that dude is like 6-foot-9! Ryne said he stood next to him (Sterup), and only came up to his shoulder, and Reeves isn't a small guy. And I've heard Zach is still growing!

"I'm always messing with Jamal too. He has this picture up of him on there with him and his six-pack, so we get on him pretty hard about that," said Klachko.

"But we all get along great, I look forward to going after championships with those guys."

He was also aware of the de-commitment by a former Husker commit, offensive linemen Dylan Admire, who later committed to Kansas. Ryan said he enjoyed getting to know Dylan through the recruiting process, but hopes to see Nebraska add another quality player to an already stout O-line class.

"In all honesty, when I heard about it, I sent him a text like "what the ?". He said he had to go after other opportunities. I was like, okay kid, do what you have to do and best of luck. I haven't heard or talked to him since.

"I'm hoping we go after another big-time guard. There are still a few big targets out there for Nebraska on the O-line. And our offensive class is already stacked, I mean, I think every guy has like 4 stars by their name.

"Once we add a few more pieces, we'll have one of the top classes in the country."

Are you still staying in touch with coach Cotton? Have you guys set up your official visit yet?

"Oh yeah, I talk to coach Cotton every week at least once. It's always just a hello, how are things going, then we talk some football stuff. Coach Cotton and I have a great relationship going."

"And me and big Ryne (Reeves) are planning to make our visit for the Missouri game."

Is that visit set in stone?

"As a high school senior Kevin, it seems like nothing in my life is set in stone, but attending the University of Nebraska next year. But that's looking like the best weekend for me to get out there with my football schedule. I can't say it's fore sure, but it's looking good. I wanted to come for the Texas game but we have another big matchup that weekend."

Ryan, like much of the country, has yet to see Nebraska play live on national television. But that will change on Saturday, as the Huskers take on an up-and-coming program in the Pac 10.

"I haven't seen them play like this year, but I've seen the Youtube clips, and highlights on ESPN. I'll get to see the game this weekend though against Washington. I'd like to see us really put the beat-down on them too.

"I've seen the highlights of Taylor Martinez, good luck trying to catch him. Martinez is a monster from what I saw, do they even have anybody that can run with him? He looks like he has Michael Johnson speed out there," laughed Klachko.

"Once he gets a step on you, I don't think anybody can catch him."

Big Red Report will touch base with Ryan later this month to confirm his official visit date. But he put it at a "95%" probability, so it sounds like a done deal.

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